Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Investigating this now by the way. Not sure I can handle the looking ones that come by default for hours.

Answer is YES! But they are generated, so nag a face gen sprite pack for eyes nose etc or just blank em all and replace one layer with fixed portraits may work.

Plus all the other art!

Portrait directory is


A lot of the art is being changed on my machine as we speak :)

Good game so far though, really impressed.

This is the clearest (easiest to understand) gameplay video I’ve seen yet and almost has me pushed over the edge.

Wow if that’s the easiest I don’t want to see the rest! :)

It’s ‘Part 2’ and it takes half an hour before he actually does something.

There’s got to be a better way. Like just play the game and explain why you’re doing what you do, we’ll pick it up as we go. You don’t need to info dump every single game function up front.

I’m still watching off and on Das Tactic’s videos, and he goes into a lot of depth into everything, which is great, but you can start fiddling around without knowing in detail everything that’s going on. That’s kind of what I’m doing. The UI is a little weird, but not too bad once you’ve fiddled around with it a while. There’s just a lot going on here.

I played this pretty solidly for about 4 hours today and it completely captivated me. It’s a 4X that has a lot of depth, plus a pretty good war game. I’ve never played anything quite like it. I have a feeling I’ll still be learning this game a month or two from now.

I concur, though its the scifi and rpg aspects that turned me into a rock helplessly in the hold of a tractor beam metaphor.

About 65 mins to end Turn 1? Above average for this sort of video, but nowhere near the record (which I think got to nearly 2 hours :D )

Having watched about a dozen hours of Das Tactic play this has really helped - but still lots of stuff I have no idea about.

Slightly blowing my own Trumpet, but I wrote this AAR during the beta, if any of you prefer reading to watching Youtube:

Thank you!
I much prefer text AAR personally. Youtube and Twitch are too long for me.

Damn you, @Sonoftgb ! I thought I could just kind of lurk for a while on this game, given the number of great games already at my disposal. But this video sucked me right in.


This is how the different resolutions look on my 4K monitor

I ended up buying it and am regretting it already, haha! :D

It’s a bit of a shambles tbh. First up you can’t set the resolution/DPI until after you have created a game so bad first impression.

At 4K with the ‘1/2’ DPI option set, it’s much like the pic above. Still a bit small at my size/distance but probably manageable.

However the UI is really sluggish for me at this res. Buttons take 1/2 a second to highlight when you roll over them for example. Scrolling is molasses.

If I run at 1080p it looks much the same but runs a heap better - but then it seems it’s not using a proper fullscreen mode but rather forcing my desktop to 1080p. :P

And since I’m running a 300% DPI in Windows for 4k, when I switch back to the browser or the manual they are just massive on screen due to the drop in resolution.

And to add insult to injury… it doesn’t change the resolution back when you quit the game.

This is really amateur hour in 2020. To play the game I have to run at 1080p since apparently my 4.5Ghz i7-7700k and 2080ti can’t render a turn-based UI at 4k smoothly, and manually lower my Windows DPI beforehand and put it and the resolution back after.

Ugh. Hopefully this gets smoothed out a bit as I’m sure the game itself is pretty good!

Same for me. At 1:1 scaling and 4K it is fine. As soon as you enable one of the scaling options, UI turns latent.

Ah thanks, I didn’t realise that - yeah, it’s fine at 1:1 here too.

I’m talking to Vic in the support forums and will add that nugget, maybe we can get something done about it! :)

There’s a pixel doubler that was very useful for this resolution issue in other games, totally free, discussed in the Star Sector thread.

I got a copy of this to stream and even just reading the manual has me excited. It reminds me of those crazy weird ambitious games you’d see in the 90s that no one remembers, like Cave Wars.

This uses chits? I’m such a fucking nerd that this gets me excited.

Even better - it has a NATO symbols option!

Damn, I was holding out until now…