Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Pretty sure I saw Angus Orosisong huffing paint at the bus station.

No Posture


Victor’s current planned roadmap for Shadow Empires:

I could be secretive and only announce things when I am a 100% sure, but that would keep everybody in the dark completely. So please do consider this “development plan sketch” like at best 50% sure.

Heck, the features could still change, the order of development and DLCs planned could change, even the actual DLC themes could still change. Feedback is coming in non-stop and I am flexible until committed. But leaving all those disclaimers aside this sketch does give you an insight into what I currently have on my drawing board.

I wonder if that STARFIRE bit there at the end really is him thinking of taking things into space.

Pretty ambitious overall. I wish I could actually get into this game. Lord knows I’ve tried.

I’m waiting until it’s finished.

In 20 years.

Update coming on the 21st:

The Hazards & Hardships - v1.25 update, the new major update for Shadow Empire, will be out on November 21st.

The version 1.25 overhaul brings many new features as well as new rules that make the game more diverse and more challenging. Hazard Exposure Level (like on a Moon without an atmosphere) increases construction costs and makes combat super lethal due to the fact that even a small puncture in an envirosuit can cause instant death. Planet Generation now also simulates Salinity and Acidity of lakes and oceans. Battle reports have been added, which will allow you to inspect the battles fought during the other player’s turn in much more detail, the Private Economy has been reworked and enriched with the Private Farmsteads and the Tech Tree has received an additional 20 Tech Fields. These are just a few of the new features of the Hazards & Hardships update and a complete and detailed change list will be published next week.

With these new additions, players will be able to experience Shadow Empire like never before.

One day I may actually get into this, but that day has not yet arrived. I’ve had it since launch but have bounced off of it hard every time I’ve tried it.


I love this game so much. It’s hilarious that we’re finally getting an enemy-turn battle report, which should have been table stakes for a game like this. Maybe soon we’ll be able to open our own-turn battle report after closing it!

Seriously though, I’m really looking forward to the patch and spinning up another game.

It’s all about the planet you get, really. I still wish Vic just had a set starter map or something with favorable environmental conditions and opposing faction setup. But for a learning game you really want a livable/farmable planet without any aggressive megafauna or anything like that. From there I think the UI is a bigger hurdle than the game mechanics, which I think are actually pretty discoverable as far as the basics. You don’t really need to dig deeper into them until you’re comfortable with the general game flow, at which point you can kind of take them one at a time as they become relevant.

Yeah, it’s the UI/UX parts that usually get me I think.

It’s a big hurdle and not one the dev is interested in fixing, sadly.

I played this for the first time a few patches ago and was doing well until all of a sudden my entire army was starving to death and I couldn’t figure out why it happened or how to reverse it. This was after many hours of gameplay and was one of the most frustrating things to ever happen in a game for me. I was having fun before that point and gave up without starting another game.