Shadow Gambit - From the Makers of Shadow Tactics

Dominic Tarason was very positive about it:

Between this and En Garde! (and that other big game), 2023 continues to be a feast.

IMO Mimimi can do no wrong in this space. I’ll buy this as soon as I get home.

Yep! Also I was pretty surprised that preoders just weren’t an option at all! Anywhere!

Multiple 10s!

As a big fan of the genre I’ll be picking this up. But I’m baffled by zero press about this. I didn’t get a steam notification about it.

I guess self published means no money for marketing? 😄

Was it on your wishlist? I get them pretty much straight away, for this, En Garde!, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, Turbo Overkill, to name a few recent releases that I got an email for.

Not sure I’ll be able to fit Shadow Gambit it in for a while but it looks and sounds terrific.

Ah, I got an email, but I don’t count that as I don’t read my emails 😄

I meant the pop-up when you log into steam, or a banner on their site. Other releases get those, but I guess they cost money? Hopefully the massive piles of positive reviews will power them to piratical fortune.

See, I don’t really get those anymore. I used to, but something changed a long time ago and I only get them now if I restart Steam, which isn’t very often. Very little of it interests me anyway when I do see them, so that’s why I appreciate the email notifications when something on my wishlist gets released, is discounted or leaves Early Access. I don’t want to know about stuff releasing into Early Access though harrumph.

Yeah, it weirdly doesn’t show up on recent PS Store releases either. I had to search for it.

I’m down … love their games! When this one was announced I finally got all wild west in Desperados III to get ready for the next one.

I’m liking it so far. I’ve done the first two main storyline missions. The undead pirate thing is a pretty cool theme and the magic abilities give an interesting twist on Mimimi’s formula.

A couple of missions into act 2.

Every time I think of some quality of life improvement, I find that the devs have already implemented it.

I was not too keen on the setting - supernatural pirates - but I am actually digging it. Characters are fun, and their abilities offer awesome ways to synergize them with other team members. While I love and have played all their games this is my favorite. They’ve outdone themselves again.

I left my BG3 character hanging out in the goblin encampment while I finish this. It’s that good. These guys have mastered this genre.

Well, fuck. :(

As we look back at our 15-year journey crafting games (and crying about it), we feel grateful for the incredible love and support we received from all of you. We cherished every game we made and feel proud of what we were able to accomplish as a studio.

At the same time, dedicating the past decade and a half of our lives working on increasingly ambitious games took a heavy personal toll on us and our families. After the release of Shadow Gambit we decided it was the right time to prioritize our well-being and to pull the brakes instead of signing up for another multi-year production cycle.

While this means that we won’t start production on a new big game, we will continue to fully support Shadow Gambit. We are already working on a patch across all platforms and have a big content drop planned for later this year, which we are sure you will love just as much as we do!

This also means we will be slowly ramping down the studio over the next few months. We shared this decision with the whole team at an on-site meeting before releasing this announcement.

My father will be heartbroken. He’s a super fan of the genre since Commandos (he barely plays other kinds of games) and Mimimi was the only studio keeping the genre alive. :(

For further context, it sounds like the reason was burnout

Why is this happening?

Making these games was amazing and extremely taxing at the same time. Reaching the level of quality Mimimi strives for is hard and requires focus and dedication. We also have to acknowledge that our future production costs are growing faster than potential revenues of our genre. The increased financial pressure and level of risk became unsustainable. Additionally, whenever our games got close to release and were finally fun to play, a new fight for funding of the following projects started, making this a continuous cycle.

Since 2011 and pitching The Last Tinker, there never was any down-time for either of us.

As founders and directors, we found it increasingly difficult to strike a balance between fulfilling internal expectations for the studio and being available for our young families. Meeting our goals of quality, company culture and management requires a constant level of energy that we simply can’t provide anymore.

Ramping down the company and making Shadow Gambit our final game is an extremely tough decision. We never expected this would be how Mimimi ends. But if even one of us were to break down, fail or burn out, the situation would escalate quickly. Ultimately, managing a production on this scale, in combination with an extremely competitive market, proved to be too taxing for us.

In light of all of the above, we decided to pull the brakes.

I’m pretty sad. I’ve really loved all of their games and yeah, they’re the only ones making them and they’ve really refined the formula over the years.

They were making at a level that isn’t compatible with their team size it appears like. And the games didn’t make enough to change that. :(

Sad news … I’ll enjoy every last drop of Shadow Gambit and dlc as they wind down.

Yeah, that’s a real shame. Have enjoyed what I’ve played of their games, and it’s sad to hear that the creation process was so draining and stressful.

This sucks!!! Shadow Gambit is great, so was Desperados 3. I think I didn’t touch the DLC for Desperados, I’ll have to go back and take a stab at it too!

Ah, well… they were always too good to be true. This news makes me want to buy Shadow Gambit as a show of support. It’s 10% off on Steam at the moment.

I’m the opposite! I was going to get it next month with some birthday money, but now I feel like I should wait until it’s on sale because the money’s not going towards any more games. I guess only for the founder’s residuals?