Shadowrun DEMO

So I downloaded and tried the Shadowrun trailer and have to admit… I kinda liked it. If this game had been sold at a cheaper price point, I would have been into it and could see it becoming a Qt3 fave - in a fleeting way like all faves before it [Chromehounds anyone?], but a fave nonetheless.

Edit: Make that Shadowrun Demo. D’oh

Whoa whoa whoa, you’re not allowed to consider price in your opinion, man. We’ve been over this.

I refuse to play this game on principle. It is not a Shadowrun game.

We beat that horse to death long ago, catch up!

NO! I will remain bitter for one hundred million years.

Oh I didn’t expect you to actually improve, just be bitter about something more current.

Thus confirming that Charles is a lich.

There’s very little that manages to make me as angry and vengeful as someone mishandling one of my favorite settings.

You live a charmed life.

This can only be read in the Comic Book Guy’s voice:

I liked it. A lot.

Seriously, it could’ve been a great game, if they had knocked off 10 dollars, and added more weapons, unless from what I saw, there was only like, 6 total weapons, mostly the same, or combinations of two of them (The Rifle comes to mind. Its got half sniper rifle, half machine gun, making it the confused bastard child.)

Otherwise, the use of Magic is done REALLY well.

Maybe I’ll pick it up when its cheaper.

I live a life that is largely enjoyable, actually. Few reasons to ever be angry or vengeful!

Shadowrun is effectively a multiplayer-only game. If you wait until it gets cheaper before you buy it there is likely to be little to no online community left for it then.

Anyway, I haven’t tried the demo but I was in the beta. It is actually a decently good game, IMO, but I’m not going to buy it because it is no Halo 3, and given the other 360 and Wii games I have but haven’t played, I can wait until Sept for Halo 3.

If only MS had discounted this thing out the door…

Played with the demo some more, facing off against some bots. Again, just lots of fun. The teleportation is hoot.

Remember when you were this pissed about Metroid Prime? Good times.

Or when you were this pissed about consoles having web browsers?

Yeah, that turned out to be pretty silly in retrospect. Go dig up that quote of mine! You know, the one about the next batch of metroid games.

I’m not pissed about that. I just think it’s stupid. Why would I be pissed?


I have to say, I agree with Charles on this one (we’ve actually always agreed about Shadowrun). I did download the demo and play around with it for a bit but it’s such a perversion of the franchise that…I just can’t get past it. This is NOT Shadowrun. Just call it Generic Space Marine Shooter 12, and make all the magic Nano-tech or something. Blah.

At the risk of being torn to shreds by rabid Shadowrun fans, let me say this gentlemen: I don’t understand the mental roadblock.

If someone were to take a cherished franchise of mine - say X-Com - and throw it in some first person blender, sure I’d be disappointed that my beloved turn-based mistress had been reborn as some generic FPS hussy. But ultimately, I’d judge that hussy on her… “skills.”

There are many reasons not to like Shadowrun - sub par graphics, $60 price tag for a $30 game, no single player to speak of. But I don’t understand placing a premium on cognitive dissonance.