Shark anyone?

Yeah, I know, this practically begs critics and would-be critics to trot out “Jumps the…” metaphors, but c’mon.

You got a guy who I still think is one of the most fascinating guys to watch onscreen in history in James Woods (and I say that not because I’ve been told thousands of times that I look like him). You’ve got a pilot tonight directed by Spike Lee. There’s plenty of opportunities for suckage…

…but what I’m reallllllly hoping for is that Spike and Woodsie go totally overboard with this, just completely over the top. I’d watch James Woods read the phonebook, so the chance to get a weekly dose of him makes me root for this show.

Watched the pilot, was not really impressed. The idea is somewhat interesting - the super amoral (well, one thought) high-priced attorney switches sides and heads a special prosecutor squad.

The good things: Woods, of course, is completely crazy and cool in this role, with Seven of Nine as the wallflower, and is deadly amusing in the courtroom. He has this seeming friendship with the mayor of LA, which is also quite amusing in its own right.

The bad things: Of course, I don’t think anyone like Woods even remotely exists. Not talking about the cocky attitude, but of course the “never lost a case” thing, the completely silly courtroom recreation in his house basement, and the prosecutor squad itself - just seems weird. They bring it up in the show, if they hadn’t been good they wouldn’t be there, but at the same time they were saddled with people with flaws - ie. the losers. Actually, I guess it makes the most sense in a twisted way (like The Wire, where the BPD attempts to fill out the surveillance team with a bunch of losers just to appease a judge).

— Alan

Thought it was a poor House knock off. Found it rather predictable.