Shark Tale: Worst-reviewed CGI cartoon ever?

Currently at 33%…

Doesn’t surprise me. The trailers looked awful…

Yeah, I’m sure the kiddies will be cracking up at all those Godfather and Goodfellas references.

Anything with Will Smith in it, with the exception of Six Degrees of Seperation, is pure shit.

I liked Men in Black… but I’ll concede the rest.

I too thought the Men in Black movies were entertaining, but yeah, the rest of his stuff is pretty much Garbage…

Oh come on. Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Aww hell naw!

I, Robot was better than the trainwreck I expected.

Enemy of the State was a good movie.

Yeah they had to make a clunker eventually.

Well at least the record of gigantic CGI movies so far has been better than average movies. Only a couple stinkers in the middle of a lot of goodness.

Finding Nemo and Shrek/2 will remain in my top 10 movies of all time probably forever.

He should have stuck to rapping.

Nightmare on My Street, Parents Just Don’t Understand, Summer Time, Charlie Mack, and all his work with DJ Jazzy Jeff was terrific.

I don’t need to see I, Robot to know it stunk. I don’t want to pervert my wonderous memories of Assimov’s glroious stories.

The whole premise of this movie is totally wrong headed. They ran away from Nemo and got eaten by the shark.

What made Nemo work was that it never forget that these were fish. It used their alien characteristics to make the characters appear more human…

This is obviously a bunch of folks in fish suits… screaming at each other.

And maybe my age is showing… but who the hell is JoJo?

Apparently not so wondrous that you remember how his name is spelled :D

Smith was good as Ali

You know, Charlie Mack is the first out the limo.

[size=2](Can’t believe I remember that.)[/size]

You know, Charlie Mack is the first out the limo.

[size=2](Can’t believe I remember that.)[/size][/quote]
And if he hits you–uh oh! Better get Maaco!

Aaaah, those were the days. To think, in my little Birmingham suburb, I thought I was the only white guy on the planet listening to Rap. Probably just the only white guy in Alabama.

Men in Black was a pleasant surprise. The sequel was more 'o the same (and not in a good way, IMO). Fresh Prince was simply not good…and I watched and enjoyed Living Single and Martin for goodness sakes.

Ummm, oh yeah. Enemy of the State was entertaining, but I put a lot of that on Gene Hackman because he is the man.

Handily, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Asimov, so if you just pretend the movie has a different title, no harm done. It’s not great, but not terrible. The effects are actually very impressive throughout, I thought.

I read somewhere that there’s some kind of whole gay subtext in this film. All I know is that there are no gay sharks. End of story.