Sherlock - Modern BBC interpretation

Brett was Holmes exactly as written. This is definitely a much different angle.

I prefer the American version of the modernized Holmes: House.

Well, House and Monk are both very strongly inspired by Sherlock. House even lives at No 221B, but he’s a bit too nutty…

As was Detective Goren from L&O’s Criminal Intent, but none of them are precisely like Sherlock and his affable soldier friend Watson.

Did I hear incorrect or did Moffatt place Sherlock in UNIT?

So will there be a Christmas crossover? :)

I’m pretty sure he did.

Wait, what? When did that happen?

And I loved the second episode.

When Sherlock (and Watson) went to see Sebastian at the bank, Sebastian said that he knew Sherlock from when they both were in UNIT.

Ooohhh, I thought they said “univ” like “university”.

I heard it as UNIT but maybe you are right but listen at 8.04 here and see(hear) again.

I’ma watch it again, but myself and my friends who I watched it with all heard “Uni” which is apparently how they say “University” over there.

Yeah, he says “We were at uni together.”

Let the fanfic crossovers begin!

Sheesh, guess I just added the ‘T’. But yeah, sometimes it’s a little hard when the dialogue moves fast. The Queen’s English can be a tough to grab at times.

Bit of an enthusiast, are we?

The simple phrases amuse me so.

Sherlock flirting with Awkward Morgue Chick to get a peek at corpses was just priceless.

And yeah, the British English can be difficult to pick up initially. I’ve several seasons of Lewis under my belt so it’s a little easier now but Sherlock’s still testing my ear in spots.

Lewis is a Geordie (from Newcastle), the rest of Britain have difficulty understanding them.

Yeah, definately Uni there… However I’m starting to get curious about Dr. Who. I’ve never watched any of those and was wondering where and what season would be a good entry point into the show. I gather its gone through various incarnations since its relaunch in 2005…

Any tips?

Americans don’t refer to university as “uni”? Crazy. Must be very tiring saying the whole word.

Either season 1 or the latest(season 5) since there are more crossover in the story from season 1 to season 2(Eccleston to Tennant) then at the start of season 1 or season 5.

Three different actors have played the Doctor during the relaunch: Chris Eccleston in the first season, David Tennant in seasons 2-4 (plus several specials), and now Matt Smith in season 5. [If you’re a total Who newbie: when the Doctor gets killed, he regenerates into a new body, thus explaining the change in actors; Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor.] I think the whole thing has been a hoot (though the weakest episodes were during Tennant’s run - not his fault IMHO, just some of them were not as well-written as others) and it’s worth starting from season 1. But so far Smith’s run hasn’t really made any references to events from the first few seasons of the reboot (though there have been some callbacks to original Who), so you could start with him if you prefer.

Pretty sure most of us say “college” for undergrad or “grad school” for, uhh, grad school. Big words frighten us!