Sherlock - Modern BBC interpretation


Damn it, I was.
I loved everything right up through that one.

I still think I could enjoy season 4 more if I give it another watch. Episode 1 just threw me so much that it soured my opinion on the entire season I think. Ep. 1 was like WTF?!? Ep. 2 kind of explained it. And Ep. 3 they went back down the rabbit hole again. Maybe I need to see it in one continuous run.


Nah. The show likes to pretend like it’s some big intricate, interlocking thing, but it’s actually sloppily written and has holes and loose ends all over the place. Like Mycroft letting Sherlock off (a murder charge, no less) because dealing with Moriarty is the number one priority that needs to be dealt with right now

… and then everyone immediately forgets that dealing with Moriarity is a thing at all for a while.

It’s actually better experienced in fits and starts. That way the holes are less apparent.


Arise, thread.

Very late to the party. I foolishly resisted the series because I didn’t see how the concept could possibly work, but a friend finally convinced me to give it a shot. Finished S1 and just starting the second.

Forgive me if some of this has been discussed but I don’t have the time to read 400+ old posts :)

For the most part I like the updating of canon and the twists to the classic stories. I do have a few quibbles, however. The actor playing Watson seems too young for the part (or maybe he’s just baby-faced). Lestrade is too eager to welcome Holme’s help. As I recall, in the books he barely tolerated him.

My biggest gripe is that Moriarty is too manic. He’s supposed to be the Napoleon of crime, not a Batman villain.


He’s 47.

Moriarty is definitely played as a Batman villain though. You’re only going to get more annoyed by that as the series progresses.


Really? I wish I had genes like that.


To be fair, he was under 40 when season one was filmed.


But he looks younger than 30. Like I said, baby faced.


Sherlock Holmes was supposed to be born in 1854, and Watson in 1852. Which would make them about 27 and 29 in 1881 for A Study in Scarlet.


I was enjoying the show until he showed up. I can’t stand that guy.


I watched the Abominable Bride last night. I think that’s my favorite Cumberbatch Sherlock movie so far. I love the idea of the hidden enemy that should be allowed to win, because they’re right.

I hope Season 4’s movies are as good as this one.


“The Six Thatchers” was again, very entertaining. These movies have finally turned a corner for me. Everything always happens so fast in them and there’s lots of little details that I feel like I miss, it was almost felt mildly stressful just watching any particular modern Sherlock movie. But The Abominable Bride sort of made fun of that whole concept and slowed things down sometimes, like when Watson and Holmes are just sitting all night waiting for something to happen, awkwardly trying to make conversation.

After that, watching The Six Thatchers, some mental switch had gone off for me, where I didn’t feel like I was missing things anymore. The show makes sure you absorb the important bits, even when it throws a large amount of detail at you. It makes sure you’re not missing anything important, even when Sherlock is solving cases faster than you can even process them.