Shogun coming to Fx/Hulu in 2024

A new adaption of James Clavell’s Shogun series coming to FX/Hulu in February 2024.

This was, hands down, my mother’s favorite mini-series back in the day. She had a huge crush on Richard Chamberlin (which is hilarious in retrospect) as well as Toshiro Mifune.


The first was, for its time, prestige TV. I wonder if they can top it?

Maybe this time they can come up with a satisfying ending. Clavell couldn’t.

This show was creating weebs before weebs was a word. I’m going to watch the hell out of it. Ohhhhh, Anna Sawai was in Pachinko, that’s where I recognize her from.

I was a sad kid who thought my parents watched a bunch of boring stuff when I was a kid. I never sat through the entire original, but close. This looks gorgeous from the trailer. I’m in.

A tv show based on a novel based on the Infocom game!?!

Watching the DVD collection of this was one of the first box set binges my wife and I ever did. Will certainly be all over this (depending on how and when it comes to my shores)

If definitely sparked something in me back in the day ,but now I realize how off it was.

One of my favorite streamers is an Armenian-Japanese historian/writer/artist, and she goes off when Shogun is referenced.

It’s James Clavell, so there’s a ton of white guy looking at “exotic” culture stuff for sure.

Beyond that, the 80’s was the height of fetishizing Japan.

At least he didnt teach them hiw to play baseball.

I hope this is good; I really liked the original and the book (though the TV series loses out on most of the political intrigue in the novel). Not entirely sold on the trailer, though and while I read and enjoyed the novel, the TV series is horribly cliche. “The Last Samurai” is a good bad example; and IMO the original is primarily saved from being so by the excellent cast (Rhys-Davies, Mifune … and also Chamberlain, in probably his best role) who manage to make the relationships between the characters seem real rather than caricatures. Also, I doubt anyone would dare create a series today in which half the speech is unsubtitled Japanese.

Any word about whether this is a stand-alone miniseries? In the current media landscape, I wouldn’t be very surprised if this ended up a 4-season miniseries that gets cancelled after two.

Also, reviews are popping up for this based on the first few episodes, and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Well I am definitely here for this one! Just watching that video made me want to fire up yet another campaign in Shogun 2.