Shoot Club - The Q23 Interactive Fiction Forum Adventure

With all the talk going on in the “twisty passages” thread about the old-skoo text adventures, I thought we might have one here ourselves.

The rules -

  1. Game begins with a post of initial starting location, NPC’s and objects. I’ll be doing this myself in the first reply.

  2. All descriptive posts end with a prompt… specifically “What do you do now >”

  3. Following a descriptive post, the next poster writes their intended action. You can use one sentence, and it has to be a well formed sentence too - no run-on paragraph sized inputs to the parser. It doesn’t need to be as simple as “Take Bottle”, but probably should only have one or two actions involved.

  4. Following a post that inputs a command to the parser (that would be US) the next poster is responsible for posting the results of the action. If the game is instructed to leave a location and that location has been previously described - then feel free to cut-n-paste it, or just say the name of the location and a shorter description. However, if the location has never been visited, then we have no idea what is there - thus, feel free to add content to the game world.

  5. If you want to take up the task of writing “as the game” then please make an initial post quickly that states to the effect that you’re working on a reply. This will hopefully prevent two people from simultaneously posting as the parser. Once you’ve got your “foot in the door”, go back and edit that post to contain what you really want to write. That way, while you’re working on it, people will see “Oh, X is working on a reply - so I can’t yet.”

  6. In the event that two people post at the same time, top (earliest) post takes precedence. Mods, feel free to delete erronious posts to keep things flowing.


[Game] You are standing in a maze of twisty passages all alike. Exits are [N, S, Ladder Down]
You see [Mark Asher] and [Gwen Stephani] here. Gwen looks annoyed.
Objects in room [Whiffle Ball Bat, Crusty Sock, Spongebob Squarepants Squeaker Toy]

What do you do? >

[Reply #1] > Pick up Crusty Sock.

[Reply #2] [Game] You pick up the Crusty Sock. It is crunchy and badly stained. God only knows where this thing has been.

What do you do? >

[Reply #3] > go down ladder

[Reply #4] [Game] You climb down the ladder.

You are in a small storage room. There are many crates here, all marked “Deliver to Old Man Murray”. They all are sealed as if by magic. Your crusty sock starts to glow and vibrate.
Exits are [Ladder Up, Dark Passage East]
Objects are [Crates, Toy Y-Wing]

What do you do? >

[Reply #5] > I take out the crusty sock and wave it at the crates to see what happens.

See? Not to hard, and this could be a lot of fun.


Welcome to SHOOT CLUB - The Q23 Interactive Fiction Game.

Tonight is Wednesday. It’s Shoot Club night at Tom’s house.

You are standing in the [Living Room] at Tom’s House.
There is a doorway East that leads to the [Kitchen], a stairway that leads [Upstairs] and to the [Basement], and the [Front Door] that would probably leave the house.

[Trevor] is here, talking to [Tom Chick] about what games they’re going to play tonight - as soon as everybody shows up. They’re not really sure who will, but they have their hopes up. There is a large [Doom Poster] hanging on the wall, above the couch. A [Dreamcast] is hooked to the large [Television] and is displaying the start screen for Virtua Tennis. There are 4 [Computers] in the room, obviously wired up for LAN gaming.

Exits [East to Kitchen, Front Door, Upstairs, Down to Basement]
Objects [Trevor, Tom, Doom Poster, Dreamcast, Television, Computers, Couch]

The doorbell is ringing.

What do you do? >

Ignore this thread?


** I don’t see a “Thread” here. Perhaps you could try a different phrase or action? **

You are in Tom’s Living Room.
Tom and Trevor are here. Trevor looks annoyed that nobody has shown up for Shoot Club yet.

The doorbell is still ringing.

What do you do? >

> kill Tom’s pets

I’m sorry, what is a “Tom’s”?

> kill the pets of Tom

You pick up Tom’s hairless springer spaniel and hurl it into traffic. [Tom] appears visibly agitated.

Answer the freakin’ door already! (Go to front door and open it. Greet guest.)

Sometimes, I’m embarrased to be human.