Short Circuit

I loved this movie as a kid, and it was on last night on HBO. To my utter amazement, it actually hasn’t aged that bad! Sure, the hair and fashion is funny, but the robot, with the exception of a few scenes (like when he’s jumping or something), still looks damn good.

Plus the Indian guy cracks me up.

I was surprised that I still enjoyed this movie – most movies I liked as a kid just look so bad when I watch them today. This was cheezy and light, but still watchable.

I like the Short Circuit films - even the second one, which most people seem to think was pure crap.

Was Short Circuit the “No Disassemble!” one?

Electric Dreams was the one where he spilled Champagne on the computer and it came to life, culminating in a giant Pac-Man chasing him through the house?


God, Electric Deams has not aged well. Only watch if you want to research what the average 80’s person understood about computer technology.

That Indian guy wasn’t even an Indian actor! You might remember him as The Plague in Hackers.

No shit!

Yabbutt it’s got Virginia Madsen in it!


Yabbutt it’s got Virginia Madsen in it![/quote]

I’d spill champagne on my computer if it got me inside Virginia Madsen too…

Short Circuit is a fantastic movie. Fischer Stevens’ role was side-splitting. When I was younger and enjoyed the movie, I was in it for the robot. The indian guy was just a funny accent.

It wasn’t until I rewatched it a few months ago that I realized how hilarious some of his comments were!

I am sporting a tremendous woody.

Yeah, he took a stereotypical charicture and really made it come to life. I recently saw the movie again, and thought his performance was just incredibly impressive, given the shallowness of the character.

Don’t mock Fisher Stevens. He was dating Michelle Pfieffer for years in those days.

Yeah, I didn’t understand it, either.

“Number 5 IS Alive!”

… ahhh… why can’t movies be this cool anymore? :roll:

Shit? Where see shit!?

for what it’s worth, this movie is up on suprnova right now ;-)

Speaking of robot movies, anybody remember Batteries Not Included? I doubt that one has aged well, but I loved it as a young kid. All I can recall is a piece of cheese being thrown on the little one when it strayed onto the hamburger grill.

Well done, sir!

I loved this movie. No disassemble!

This is one movie i would like to see being remade! Either a genuine sequel or a remake would be fine.