Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)

Well that’s mislabeled. I’m pretty sure you would die before you got anywhere near the bottom layers.

Norfolk Southern

Duh, you drink it with a straw so you get the bottom layers first.

Good news, due to some urgent successful lobbying, our recommended daily allowance of organochlorides is now 200,000ppm.

Happy pi day!


Good heavens!


On a conference call I have YouTube open and I was looking at this recommended video thumbnail and can’t stop staring at whatever is happening with this guy in the corner. I have not watched the video, I’m sure it would make smore sense in motion, but just as a thumbail I’m like WTF.


I’m guessing he’s swinging his arms backwards before running up to be either be a blocker (with the guy in the lower left) for the set and spike?

But more likely? It’s a badly photoshopped thumbnail. The height of a volleyball net is right at 8 feet. The dude in the upper right would clear that height with room to spare in a non-high jump technique. If they’re not playing on trampolines, I’m skeptical.

Yeah that dude looks like he just jumped twice his height off the ground.

He’s just running like Naruto

He is mid-motion going to do a spike from the behind what I would call the 10-foot line but is I think 3 meters in international play. Players from the back row can’t attack the ball in front of it, so he is going to jump from that line to hit the ball.

In higher level volleyball when a set is going to happen for a spike multiple players will move to setup for a spike with the timing varying based on how long it would take for the ball to get to them from the person setting them to influence the defense. So that guy is just in the motions of a back row attack but didn’t get the ball set to him. The goal being that him starting the run-up for it makes the defense have to account for it.

Also, there is a lot of misdirection in higher-level volleyball, so players who are NOT going to be active hitters will move like they ARE in order to pull blockers away from the real hitter. So the thumbnail guy may be winding up for fake-out.

Sure looks like a photoshopped image though.

It reminded me of this scene from Gunpowder Milkshake where she had to fight with paralyzed arms.

Ya’ll need to watch more Haikyu.