Silent Hunter Online - F2P Game

Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte®, the renowned studio behind popular PC game series such as The Settlers® and Anno, in collaboration with Sproing, Silent Hunter Online promises players a realistic, constantly evolving submarine simulation unlike any other. The game takes full advantage of Adobe Flash® Player 11 technology to bring stunning 3D graphics to browsers.

Silent Hunter Online sees the return of the large array of historically accurate submarines that made the franchise famous, and invites players to experience them online in new ways. At the heart of the game is “the Battle of the Atlantic”, an innovative dynamic campaign in which individual successes impact all other players through asynchronous gameplay. Also, for the first time in the Silent Hunter series, players will be able to play every mission of the campaign in co-op.

“This is the most innovative Silent Hunter experience ever created and we can’t wait to let our fans dive into the game,” said Christopher Schmitz, Head of Production at Ubisoft Blue Byte.

I’m going to go the hardcore sub sim forums and laugh.



apply for beta:

how bad can it be? :p

Done deal. Sent the URL to friends who love SH. Thanks for the info.

Wait wait wait. Are you telling me there’s a free-to-play, browser-based multiplayer submarine game in the works?? And it’s using Adobe Flash® Player 11 technology!?

This. This is like a dream come true!

I think I might cry.

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Good start. Certainly in line with Ubi’s treatment of the SH series.

Lemme tell you guys, when I think hardcore sub simulator I DEFINITELY think browser based and microtransactions…

There is not a rolleyes big enough.

That’s one way to look at it. Then there’s, “Cool a multiplayer, online sub game.” To each his own.

Have their browser-based games been disasters or something? Ubi generally puts out pretty good games, so my interest is piqued.

The last Silent Hunter product was that awful, awful iPhone game. Color me skeptical.

No offense to Blue Byte as they do fantastic work (Settlers VII is amazing)… but how can you possibly do a real sub simulator in flash?

Be less simmy and more flash gamey?

Has anyone tried the beta? I’m worried for Blue Byte. They’re one of my favorite developers who’ve been stuck to produce something that may piss off a LOT of pc gamers.

Didn’t they also do Anno 2070 which did rather well?

As a subsimmer, I’m probably going to end up bawling my eyes out at the sad state of the industry once SH:O surfaces, but I’d be deluding myself to claim that we bubblehead enthusiasts would count as even a lowercase lot of PC gamers.

I can’t seem to muster up much excitement for this, even though I used to really love sub sims. I would have much rather seen a Settlers 8 announcement instead.

I can’t think of an audience less likely to get into a free-to-play micro-transaction driven social game than crusty old sub simmers (myself included).

Maybe the game is brilliant - and I hope it is - but what a wacky business case.

Just wow.

Maybe they can remake “Aces of the Deep Online” and try to get some of us old people interested.

… Unless of course that’s a porn site already :-)


Yep and they are doing the Anno 2070 expansion coming out this fall too!