Silent Storm <-- Apparently this game owns

That’s certainly a shame. But hopefully it’ll be something simple to fix like a variable change in the editor, as the demo missions don’t work that way.

Either way, I’m definitely getting this one. Been waiting for a successor to JA and X-COM since forever and the editing options sound like a tinkers wet dream! :)

“…- a completely unnecessary attempt to insert a sci-fi story full of annyoing cliches into a perfectly normal world;”

This bums me out. It’s not a deal breaker but it really bums me out. I just know that when I get to the part with the aliens in the game, I’m gonna go, ‘OH NO!!!’ The same way I involuntarily cried out ‘OH NO!!!’ in the theater when I saw Legolas skateboarding down that slope in the 2nd LotR movie.


I hope so. I spoke with their lead designer Dmitry Zakharov and he confirmed that Silent Storm editor will allow to tinker with many aspects of the game. It is even possible to make an X-COM remake (sans the spinning globe, of course, but one can replace it with a 2D world map, so it’s no biggie). And you are certainly welcome to play around with the gameplay balance. It also supports Maya and 3D Studio MAX, so importing models shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe Silent Storm will follow in the tracks of NWN and rectify all its gameplay mistakes with the good tools and great flexibility? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I certainly will. My only problems with the demo seem like relatively minor tweaks could fix them.

Thanks for the inside info, Nomad.

:shock: What’s all this?

According to some brave folk who got the Russian version of the game it was determined that it already contained the English database and via a very simple mod one can play the Russian version COMPLETELY IN ENGLISH! The only catch they’ve noted so far is that the voice acting will still be in Russian.

S2 HQ’s September 18th 2003 News Item

Geez I thought we had problems with people starting 13987 threads for games these days, but just try searching for silent storm sometime.

Anyhow, I started playing my GOG copy and couldn’t quite place why it didn’t look as nice as I remembered. Turns out you need the D3D9 DLL some nice person linked on the GOG forums to make reflections and shadows work properly on newer video cards.

9 year thread necro - that has got to be some kind of record.

That’s useful info, preserved for future Googlers.