Silicon Valley (HBO)


Conspiracy theories! This is turning into the GOT thread.


Another great episode.

Also, I feel the inevitability of BigHead’s NDA screwing over Pied Piper again. He’s supposed to have no contact with them whatsoever, and he’s now in a partnership with one of their board members. Though maybe in this case it won’t hurt Pied Piper, just BigHead, since that was one of the conditions of his settlement.


I thought his NDA was just that he can’t talk about Nucleus or his time at Hooli


Yeah, I think that people read way too much into this. I took that line as a joke on how bighead basically didn’t do anything but hang out and shoot a potato cannon.

Also, pretty convoluted plan if it involves Erlich having an incubee accidentally poached by bighead, who doesn’t care at all about running an incubator.


That’s possible. I guess I’ll have to go back and rewatch that scene.

Jon Rowe: No one mentioned another scheme by Hooli. I was just wondering if BigHead would end up screwing up his NDA unknowingly.


Big Head is the foil to Richard. Richard is super smart and has to work hard to barely succeed, while Big Head just bumbles his way to success and millions. Whatever Erlich is cooking up will backfire on him and somehow Big Head will end up with even more money and industry rep.


So all the predictions about the guy being super-clever with their skunkworks ruse, or the CEO being super-clever and getting them to do both a box and a platform evaporated and the plot was much simpler. Still a good episode. Monica’s boardroom stand would have been much more meaningful if they’d spent more time building up some tension there. However, the final revelation of Erlich’s regarding Hooli setting the valuation for the platform was pulled off beautifully. We don’t expect Erlich to have perfect insights like that, so having everyone else speak for him while he’s coughing his brains out was so great.


Jon Rowe: No one mentioned another scheme by Hooli. I was just wondering if BigHead would end up screwing up his NDA unknowingly.

Someone DEFINITELY had this theory.


This show just keeps getting better and better, Jared’s tenant throwing his stuff out and using his place as an AirBNB destroyed me, combine that with Erlichs coughing fit and I almost died.


Though the time it takes to evict someone is a bit off; it takes a few months in most counties, not a year as they say in the show. Once the warning period is met and the landlord/owner has done everything they can to get the person to leave or get them to pay (or both, in SF county it’s 60 days), it only takes a few days for the sheriffs to do it personally.

I do think people are reading way too much into Gavin’s strategy regarding Big Head; there’s no long-term sinister plan I don’t think (just as there wasn’t some epic turnaround play by Richard with the skunkworks plan).

Pied Piper… saved again. Would have been great if they could have at least gotten a box deal though…

— Alan


Unless the tenant goes to court to fight the eviction in which case it can take a long time, especially in renter friendly place like SF. Although ya a year is too much, now if we are talking foreclosures… But it’s a comedy.


I’m still one episode behind but I had to pop in and say that the showdown in Jack’s office after the skunkworks plan was discovered was one of best scenes in the history of the show thus far. Not only do we see Richard thinking on his feet, but he then stands up for himself, his guys and actually bullies Jack into doing exactly what he wants him to do, and then to end that triumphant scene with the desk face plant absolutely KILLED. My son and I could not stop laughing, we had to rewind to hear the rest of the conversation, and then had to do it again because even the second time we laughed too hard to hear anything. Guilfoyle’s line was perfect…“That was totally bad ass, until it wasn’t.”.

And yeah, that end scene with Erlich having the revelation but being too choked up to spit it out so everyone else has to piece it together was really well done. I also like that Monica redeemed herself and it actually worked out alright in the end. It’s nice to see the guys get a win once in awhile, even though you know something will screw it up again somehow.

MC Hamas. LOL!


I’m surprised that the hard drive story didn’t lead to more problems.

Also, does bighead talking to the tech blogger count as breaking his NDA, since he talked about what he and others were asked to do at Hooli?


I mean probably, but that wouldn’t affect Pied Piper, especially as Bachman won’t give bighead anything in their “relationship”


This episode wasn’t bad, but it was probably my least favorite of the season so far. A couple things just felt off. The hard drive story, as Rock8man mentioned, was weird. I thought that was going to lead to bigger problems, consensequences, or at least humor. But nope, Gilfoyle just shows up and takes a drill to it. Anticlimactic.

Likewise, the side story with Erlich and Bighead looked like it was heading (ha) somewhere, and then just fizzled. When Bighead first mentions running things past his business manager and doesn’t just sign off on Erlich’s contract, I thought they were actually going to introduce another character or something there. But nah, nothing really happens, Bighead just decides to go along with Erlich’s stuff anyway.

I assume somewhere down the line, that NDA will still come back to bite someone—Bighead, Pied Piper, or both. And events here might be laying the groundwork for whatever situation gets them tangled in that, but in this episode, both side plots were pretty flat.

Richard and Lori’s problems were fairly standard sitcom lack-of-communication problems, which is fine. Watching Richard put his foot in his mouth will always be pretty funny. But we really could’ve used something more clever to keep those other plots from dragging this episode down to an “eh, okay”.


I agree – it was also my least favourite.

It just feels like this season, and especially the last few episodes, are a really typical self contained roller coaster. Either PP starts at the top and something bad happens at the end of the story, or vice-versa.

I fear it might not make it to a 4th season if it carries on at this quality.


Yeah, the first disappointing episode this season. Hopefully it’s setting up for greater things down the line, but I also wish they’d done more than that.


I love Gilfoyle.

“You are gonna be replacing it”


Where’s your shirt? I spilled coffee on it, cuz I’m a NERD.

Still lots of great moments in this episode. Also, RIP Jan the Man and company.


“oh, God help us”.

Hilarious episode.