Silicon Valley (HBO)


I loved it too.

Spaces vs Tabs is such a great inconsequential debate and exactly the sort of thing I’ve seen many fellow coders get very upset over.


Inconsequential!? You must be one of those ‘spaces’ people. Why you…


Actually, I like Tabs better. :P


Yeah he is my favorite character. Or close. I might like Bachmann better. It’s a toss up.


I’m not sure how many of you follow the shows twitter feed @SiliconHBO, but it is pretty funny.
Like for yesterday’s episode

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Mike Judge ‏@MikeJudge May 29
Tonight on @SiliconHBO: GIRLS!!! Lots of them! Female coders, lawyers and bloggers! So many girls you’ll think you’re watching Girls!

The last two episode haven’t been my favorite, but I still laugh during the entire show.


“But I use vim.”


One of the funniest episodes of the season I thought. Jared being a lady killer and the very Jared-esque conversation after the woman leaves was perfect. Also not sure if this has been posted here.


“Russ was right, this guy fucks.” I nearly did a spit take on that.


I liked the callback with Monica’s bad news sweater.


If you’re not embarrassed by the state of your release you’re releasing too late.

I thought the payoff would be that there was some porn attached to the beta, which was why everyone liked it. I guess not.


Great episode. I loved the bit with Gavin and the security guy, “You’re SO NEEDY!”


I do appreciate how nobody’s insane fan theories have come to pass so far. The show is what it is, bighead and bachman are two rich dopes. Richard is a smart if not klutzy engineer. There are not five or ten massive multi episode machinations. It is just fun to watch.


Erlich proving once again that, ultimately, his heart is at the right place.

My favourite scenes from the latest episode were the ones involving Gavin and his various employees. Him babbling about the great corporate culture he built–right after being briefed on something he only learned through spying on his workforce–was just as great as him indirectly/directly ordering people to wipe negative news from the Hoolie search earlier this season. Him getting agitated about the performance and functionality of the Pied Piper beta and then telling his team to do all that in super-short amount of time - the delivery was just superb. Gotta love Matt Ross.

I’m always fascinated by how the show meanders between entertaining and frustrating me with the characters’ stupidity. Richard slipping and dropping all the files on their secret skunkworks endeavour or him venting in front the reporter - good Lord, that annoyed me. Him inevitably ruining the blooming relationship with that woman because he simply can’t get over the tabs-over-spaces thing? Hilarious!


I kind of wish this show was an hour long. But would that be too long?


I like the true (commercial-free) half hour for this one. Enough time to let some scenes develop and jokes recur over several scenes, but little time for fluff.

An hour TV drama is only about 45 minutes + commercials.


Guilfoyle and Jared are both awesome. This show is so well written.


I love that Jared’s childhood stuffed animal was a plastic baggy he filled with newspaper and drew a smiley face on.


Many children have imaginary friends. My imaginary friend was Harriet Tubman, we would plan all of her escapes.

I think Jared is my favorite character. The stuffed animal line (above) caused a spit take in my apartment.


My friend said the same thing. I don’t think the show would be as good in a longer format, but I agree in the sense that I would certainly like enjoy twice as much Silicon Valley in my life if there was no trade off.


Yep. And how many actors could really pull off, “I think it’s time to spread my plumage and see what pretty birdies want to share my nest?” Love this freaking show.