Sim City Social : Is The 4-year Cycle Up Yet?

I really wanted to to like this. I’m not sure why, maybe just because I’d like it to beat the pants off Cityville, but I was pulling for it. However, within 3 minutes I knew I would ever return to it, nor ever respond to any messages from it. It was simply the same thing as the others, all over again.

I’m not trying to be troll, or state the obvious.
I’m just really tired of these games.
I’m simply, honestly wondering this: when will it end?

I once tried to put together a timeline of big “changes” in gaming, and they appeared to occur in roughly 4 year cycles, kind of like boy bands. Is the 4-year cycle for this up yet?

I was tempted to try it , but I was afraid my friends would see and berate me, so I passed. :p

I tried it and after 90 seconds of it trying hard to get me to recruit my friends, I deleted it and disallowed it from my profile. I was looking forward to it, too. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much just a spambot.

As time goes on, I lean further and further toward the latter half of passive aggressive when dealing with people who invite me to any app whatsoever on FB.

My problem with the game is these buildings that SURPRISE, you need 4 friends to finish to build. I have a friend that play this type of games, and a alternate facebook account, that I use to help me play this type of games. With only 2 persons, most buildings end needing another 2 persons, or something like 21 gems.
And the more progress in the game, seems to be more like that, it become more gems dependant, to a ridiculous high level.
The game don’t want to be played, without inserting money in the form of gems.
Probably this is the “right” way to build this type of games, but is not very fun.

Playing it will be less painful if not where a minefield, where if you click on the wrong button or the wrong place, you spam all your friends. Probably the type of people that this has ben made for don’t see spam as a bad thing.

I have not put a cent in this game, and I don’t plan to do either.

The whole enterprise just appears so cynical to me. It has all the trappings (magic things to pick up whenever you do something, energy, fame, levels, two currencies, neighbor bar, friend nagging, as if Sim City just couldn’t stand on it’s own as a game. Sim City should be able to be a game unto itself, and people should want to play it that way, even on Facebook. Right? Or if they did that would they be called out as dinosaurs for not understanding Facebook gaming?

Don’t mean to put you to work here, but I’m interested to see it.

There’s something about only using a single parenthesis that really irritates my brain for some reason.

Anything that requires friends via Facebook = no. I can’t keep up with my e-mail, chores, or anything else in life.