Slay the Spire


Not that it gets good, but that it gets into a rhythm. I totally understand where he’s coming from. It’s easy to play 500 hours of a game one hour at a time, whereas a 100 hour RPG can feel daunting. KCD has a surprising amount of that pleasure treadmill from Skyrim or similar games, so there’s less need to worry.


I finally beat the damned Act 4 last night! Man, I had an amazing deck, too. That was on Ascension 1 is all, which I usually play on for the extra elites (they are fun to farm when you get a good deck going).


Who with?


Ironclad! My deck had Dark Embrace to let me draw cards when I exhausted them, as well as Corruption to make my skills free and exhaust them. With a handful of 0 cost Body Slams and other very handy skills and powers, I was able to really set things up reliably and hit like a truck when I was ready (it helped I had the Runic Pyramid to keep my hand between rounds).


I also got my first Act 4 win - Heavy Strike with tons of strength, and Headbutt to recur, along with the health-for- energy cards I forget, and a couple of Reapers to keep going in the corridors. That latter card is surprisingly good - you can heal a ton with strength and vulnerability.


Yeah, Reaper is great in any Strength deck. I had a relatively skinny deck once with a couple of the “gain strength if an enemy intends to attack” skills, a Whirlwind, a Reaper, and a couple whatevers for defense. It wrecked shop.


And you can recur it with Exhume!


I am having a blast with this game right now! I am currently doing a blind play through on my channel. It’s been a interesting challenge. I also recommend this game to anyone~


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I’m having problems with the Ironclad, more than the other two characters. I can’t get a good synergy, I can’t get enough defense to not bleed health in Act 2, and relics never match up my cards. :(


Heh, Ironclad is the only char I’ve actually managed to beat A4 with. Playstyle and luck of the drops plays a big role!


d maybe contact the authorities and see if he needs help.

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Yesterday the heart was slain for the first time. Defect, focused on defense and recursion. Wasn’t even my best kit, the previous one (relic that gives you a new sphere slot every 2 turns + a lot of cards that kill the slot and give you a focus) and I’d won if the last draw had given me a card I needed (double activation of the last sphere) which was like 50% chance.

Silent will be the next one to kill the heart.

Looking forward to it. Such a great game.


I was doing so well today.

I had the relic you get from reading the book about Nioh/Neow whoever, where you get a free random card after every round, plus i had corrupt, so in effect i had a never ending source of skills that would then cost 0.

In one fight, I got the barricade card plus 2 entrenches from that relic.

I had about 80 defence, rather nice.

Problem was it took a while to get to that level, during which I was bleeding, heavily…

About 2/3rds of the way into act 2, I died.