Slightly blurry graphics

My Radeon ATI 9800 Pro is showing most things very clearly. In WoW, all the chat and bags with their contents and some other UI related features are unchanged. However, the game world itself is just a touch blurry as if my glasses are all smudged. The words above characters name are illegible until I get fairly close to them. Now I can play fine and almost do not notice at this point as it has gone on for 3 or 4 weeks.

Playing an unnamed Beta last night, I had trouble reading the words in chat and tooltips, but could still make them out for the most part.

Is my card dying? I updated driver, fiddled with video settings, and nothing changes whatsoever. The amount of smudginess does not seem to change either.

Any ideas?

Low texture settings? Your drivers could be forcing lower mips or something. I’d do a completely fresh reinstall (cleaning the old driver and registry settings first) and see if that changes anything.

OK, will do, thanks Scry!!

Are you playing on Vista? Maybe it thinks you’re trying to CONSUME UNLICENSED PREMIUM PRODUCT?

Using an LCD? Have the resolution settings subtly changed?

No LCD, no Vista. I had not updated or changed any settings anywhere when this all started. That is the only thing that made me think it was maybe an overheating card or some other hardware problem. The fact that the effects do not fluctuate as to the degree of fuzziness makes me think some setting somewhere has been altered. I imagine one of my kids could have somehow inadvertantly changes something. Hmmm.

Have not wiped and done a fresh driver install. WIll do tonight.

Is it still blurry when you put your glasses on?

You guys are gonna find this hard to believe, but a fresh wipe of my old drivers where, this time, I actually followed the instructions as posted on ATI’s site (using the Add/Remove function) and then a prompt re-install of new drivers solved my woes.

Blurry graphics gone.
Heroes V loads and plays
Overlord Demo does not hang on loading screen
ANd my guess is, Tabula Rasa will no longer crash in the tutorial when applying the Med Pak

It is interesting that WoW ran perfectly fine with only a slight blurring of graphics. I guess it just scaled back to what my screwed up drivers would allow.

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