Slouching Toward the Next Generation: drivatars, sledgesaws, and severed limbs

Title Slouching Toward the Next Generation: drivatars, sledgesaws, and severed limbs
Author Scott Dobrosielsky
Posted in Features
When November 27, 2013

The installs may take forever, the UI may look cluttered, odious monetization schemes may lurk around every corner, and my new best friend the Kinect is always watching, but hot damn if Microsoft's launch titles aren't good..

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"Yelling “clam down” at a kun-fu master"
Let's go to Ivar's, Scott :)

"The Kinect integration is horrible. During certain psycho (boss) fights
voice cues pop up on screen that you have to yell at your TV. Yelling
“clam down” at a kun-fu master and “you’re crazy” to a lunatic biker is
embarrassing and I hated it. On the more useful front you can yell
“over here” to distract and draw zombies and “change clothes” to go back
to the default outfit."

God I hate shit like this. Can you turn it off?

you don't have to use it at all. I'm not sure about turning it off. I certainly did in NBA

As far as I can tell you can't turn it off. Like Jason said you don't have to use it buuuuuut it gives you a pretty significant advantage. Like, against the kung-fu (typo in the article, haha) master, he jumps around a lot and if you yell "calm down" he freezes in place and you're able to use a special move you wouldn't be able to execute otherwise....

The big problem is the voice integration, while annoying, also doesn't work very well. I had to yell at the TV a billion times before the Kinect picked up what i was saying : (

So it's two typos, then. Although yelling "clam down!" seems more fun than "calm down!" Good overview, Scott, thanks.

Ugh, I missed that "clam" too, even after Chase mentioned it...hopefully tom can fix that : )

Normally I'm sure he would have caught that but he's trying to avoid DR3 spoilers!

Mr. Dobrosielsky, no one man can review all the games. The human body can't take it! (But I applaud the effort.)

"stabbed the armless du[d]e"
"The animations are so detailed[,] there is significant lag between moves."
"around a bend into a wide open vista[,] the oxidized green spires of churches rise"
"that help you level faster[,] available at the start of each race"
"It’s the game Dead Rising has been aspiring [to]"
'Yelling “[calm] down” at a kun[g]-fu master'
"he calmly assess[es] the situation"

You are of course correct, but I've had a great time trying ; )

Tom didn't read this one, so numerous errors were inevitable. If it isn't already obvious I have problems with commas.