Small bits of flickering on side of monitor

This has been happening for awhile, but now it’s just starting to get irritating. I have a 19" Samsung LCD (nothing fancy) and dual GT6800s. There’s a group of little flickering lines (about 2 or 3 pixels wide) about a half-inch high, at the far edge of the screen to the left of my cursor… as I move my cursor up and down, that batch of flickering lines moves up and down… any suggestions?

Your first step to isolate the problem is to hookup another monitor and see if you get the same problem (at the same resolution)

If it happens with another monitor, switch your cards to non-sli mode, and try both as an individual display. If I were to guess, it sounds like a card problem, not the monitor.

Then pull out the drill.

Ohhhhhh I hate it when USB doesn’t like video. Many potential causes… lack of power could be an issue as well.