Small world, a former classmate made the NHL

Mike Bishai, playing his 5th game for the home team.

I’d be a monkey’s uncle, if I wasn’t green with envy :lol:

Give him a few years and he’ll be envious of your teeth.

A few years after that, he’ll be able to buy nicer teeth than I ever had. :D

This guy went to my high school. He played running back there.

We have Jeremy Strohmeyer come out of my high school.

We had a salesman come in who was an ex-NHL player. It turns out one of the programmers had the salesman’s hockey card so he got it autographed!

So the English language classes there were targeted at athletes, eh? :wink:

I went to college with Brett Favre.

A guy I went to high school with played pro football for a year (Eagles, I think) and then had to get a real job.

I went to high school with Tim Goebbels.

I struck out against Rod Beck in a little league all-star game. He was 13 and already had a mustache. It was scary.

A couple of major leaguers went to my high school while I was there; one I can remember, Jeremy Gonzalez, pitched briefly for the Padres.

A guy that lived up the street from me when I grew up is playing in the MLB.
A neighbor across the street was an NHL goalie.
And I’ve been on the same team (although far from the same class) and the same pool as some Olympic swimmers.

My former High School friends Eric and Lyle Menendez are serving life sentences for murder.

Other noteworthy alumni: Christopher Reeve, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and the band Saves the Day.

Pat Lee went to my school. I think he’s working on the Devil May Cry comic now.

Former neighbor and graduate of my high school, Tom Mack, is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.