Smallville: The Series - worth it?

So I watch maybe, a few episodes of the first and maybe second season, and wasn’t that impressed. Teenage drama angst.

However, in searching for “Green Arrow” on GIS I’ve noticed that it looks like Clark eventually moves to the city, meets Lois Lane, and Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Black Canary are all in it. There was even some preview for season err … 7? maybe on the Superman/Batman movie that just came out showing Doomsday.

So are the later seasons worth it? Does it get good later? Which seasons/episodes/discs are worth renting, if there are good stories?

Or does it all suck?

In my experience it went to crap after the second season and every time I’ve sat through an episode over the past couple of years, it’s been abysmal. In one case, Clark wasn’t even in the episode but for three minutes at the end.

It pretty much all sucks.

Terrible show. Hot chicks, though. But you’re better off watching gossip girl for that. I do!

It’s essentially the opposite of what Superman is supposed to be (angsty).

Youtube the scene where Lex sees a vision of his future. There you go, you’ve seen the only good part of that show.

Yeah, shortly thereafter the actor quit the show, so they had a whole season with him as the bad guy but never actually showed him, then about 3/4 of the way through they covered him in a cyborg shell to hide the fact that they didn’t have the actor and and blew up his van, killing him. Unless he decides to come back, in which case he will be ressurrected. Terrible, terrible show. And I watch Gossip Girl.

Don’t judge me!

That sounds awful.

Agree with the other comments. Terrible show. Good looking women.

I imagine superman as strong, mature and confident. And his family and friends equally strong and confident. Instead they are all an angsty mess. And over the years there is no growth. It’s always the same “you might get hurt”, “someone might find out”, “blah blah blah”. You could pick any episode and have a hard time guessing the season since the dialog is essentially unchanged.

I made it through two seasons somehow and gave up a couple of episodes into the 3rd. They were all samey and not in a good way.

Yes, clark’s friends, families, and acquaintances all get knocked on the head when he comes to save the day, and are either knocked out, get amnesia, or go back in time so they don’t know he’s superman. You’d think at this point half the population of metropolis would be brain damaged and talking like muhammed ali. It’s not entertaining-bad, it’s bad-bad.

But, hot chicks.

The show kind of has two period. The first is the more logical one: Clark in high school, still not sure of himself, who he is, where he is going, and fighting a destiny he didn’t want (as noted, teen angst). Make it through four years of that and they have enough for syndication. On the flip side was a young Lex Luthor, equally fighting his fate of going down a dark road, trying to find the light. Not exactly by the book, but it wasn’t too bad (helped to watch it with my son, who was about four years younger than the characters were supposed to be). Some good supporting actors in Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, and John Glover, balanced by some annoying ones in Kristen Kreuk and Sam Jones III.

After high school, it seems they wanted to skip over college and put them into more adult situations. The whole Clark-Lana relationship got more and more contrived and overblown, until the actress finally did the fans a favor and quit. The logical end to the series was Lex completing his journey to the dark side (which he did, and the actor recognized, and wanted to move on because of that), while Clark completed his jounery to becoming the guy in a cape (which hasn’t happened). Basically because the CW doesn’t have a whole lot going for it and they seem to be able to at least make money off this series. Basically, it’s burned out its main thematic elements and all but two of the original cast, though, Lois (Erica Durance) was an upgrade over Lana. But it is more of a superhero comic book now than originally.

So Lex and Lana left? Nice.

So with this being trash pretty much from the start and Heroes tanking after season 1, does anyone know if there’s been a superhero show of this format (hour long drama) that has been worth watching? I’m assuming the answer is no, since if there was it probably would have been so awesome it would be impossible not to know about it, but maybe there’s one out there.

I thought Blade: The Series from a couple of years back was pretty good. Canceled after one season.

The 4400 was kind of a superhero show but USA canceled it prematurely. I didn’t see the later seasons but I quite liked the first two seasons.

4400 was pretty solid throughout imo, mainly because the writers/producers “boggle” actually insisted on sticking to the story, and didn’t let it devolve into a soap opera.

Which is, of course, why it was also ended prematurely.

I like the first few seasons of Smallville, and even somewhat enjoyed the others. But you shouldn’t be watching it as a superhero show, per se. It’s more like Dawson’s Creek (which I also enjoyed, so keep that in mind). I would never use my tastes in TV to recommend shows to other people though. I like some bad shit. Oh, and I don’t find the chicks on Smallville hot, so there you go. Except Allison Mack, who is more cute than hot.

I found the first couple of seasons entertaining. The angst, especially in later seasons, does get rather heavy.

Lana is hawt. Lois Lane, not so much.

I beg to differ. Erica Durance is much hotter.