Sniper Elite 5 - Slo-mo bullet surgery and release the kraken

Eurogamer love the new one…

Does anyone know the German word for “dickless somersault”? Der Somersault Dickless is my guess.


Schwanzloser Überschlag or just Frauengymnastik 🤸‍♀️

Pre-installing on GamePass!

Seems I preordered this game w/ some discount and forgot about it before I knew it was coming to Gamepass.

Too bad this San Francisco hotel has their Wi-Fi connected to a US Robotics 56k modem or I would already be shooting Nazi butts.

The reviews for the game make for interesting reading. Some are very positiive, it’s the bee’s knees of sniping fools, with a varied mission design through the campaign. Then there’s Polygon, who kind of agree, but say the sniping doesn’t feel as good as in Metal Gear Solid 5, and the stealth doesn’t feel as good as Hitman. Then there’s RPS, who say that the game is great when you’re sniping, but that it forces you into close quarters fights during the campaign, and they’d rather be sniping 100% of the time.

Oh, and the Polygon review says the story would have the same impact if you skipped all the cutscenes. That’s actually very useful information. I never skip cutscenes. You know, just in case. But if I know in advance that I should just skip them, then maybe just this once, I can just skip them.

Are any of these going into any detail with a comparison to Sniper Elite 4 or are these reviewers all fresh to the series?

Steam reviews are mixed with the main complaint being forced Invasions. By forced the game apparently lowers xp and whatnot if you don’t allow invasions. Which seems like an insane idea to me. I have it on my X so maybe I’ll give it a shot (lol) anyway.

I’d suspect it was the other way around, though - right? Allowing invasions gives more xp, which makes sense.

The invasion is not that bad, there are phones located throughout the level, when you get invaded, you can use these phones to locate the invader, and invader can do the same to locate you. I believe these has a timer, so you can’t constantly spam to locate the other player, also I believe when you use the phone, your location is revealed as well. Once the other player is located, you can either engage or relocate to avoid engagement.

I had one dude invade me, he used phone to locate me, I relocate and setup in a crossroad, found him creeping in the grass via my binocular, and sniped him. Pretty cool actually.

I assume coop campaign.

Looks like there’s a bug with this game on PC Gamepass (or maybe it’s just me) where the game won’t launch, giving some sort of permissions error. To get around this, I had to create a desktop shortcut, right-click and Run as administrator.

Posting this here in case anyone else runs into this issue.

Played a bit last night and noticed some graphical glitching and slowdown. I told my kid this morning that I cant believe it does that on the PS5 and he said, uh, you are playing it on the XSS…duh.

Same old Sniper…I liked 4 better so far but have not gone too far into 5 yet.

The ones I read were worded as “less for non invasion” but I haven’t tried yet so can’t say for sure how it works. I’m not sure it matters to me really but I can see someone who doesn’t want invasions feeling like they’re somehow getting less even if they are the baseline and Invasion players actually get more.

I had a different issue – with Gamepass, if I installed it anywhere but the C:\ drive, the Easy Anticheat would shit the bed and it would fail to launch. Moving the install to C:\ solved the issue.

Okay, I’m sold. Was going to wait on a new PC, but lord knows when that will be.

Hoping my elderly i7 6700 and 1070FE do well enough to make it playable at 1440p. :-)
My PC did alright with all the other games in the series, so I’m hopeful.

Tried it out for about 45 minutes, and it’s holding right around 60 FPS at 2560 x 1440. It defaulted to fairly high graphics settings as well (medium to very high), which surprised me given my 1070, so I really didn’t need to touch anything, and it looks and plays fantastic.

I am tempted to up various settings out of curiosity, but for now, I am very happy with how this thing looks, plays and feels on older hardware. I’m astounded, really.

This is the first new game I’ve purchased in a long time, precisely because my hardware was getting so old and I didn’t feel confident enough to make those game purchases. And while that’s probably still a valid concern for most AAA games, this game runs wonderfully. :-)

Still early on for me but this feels like more of the same, which is a good thing imo. But really it could have used another few months in the oven.

I feel like this literally describes every game Rebellion has released in the last 20 years…