So, 9900K? Or Ryzen 2700X?


Oh, back on topic, I streamed some Forza Horizon 3 on ultra, downscaled from 1440p to 1080p, at 60fps, and the CPU usage went to maybe 40-50%. Can’t complain on that, and it looked amaaazing. I’m quite happy with my purchase so far.


So, folks that have bought Ryzen recently, still happy?


I’m still happy. I don’t have any complaints. It’s speedy. My new drives have boosted it too. I imagine in a year or two I will get a new GPU but otherwise I am good for a number of years. I could have spent a lot more money than I did. I just didn’t want to.


So far yes, AC Odyssey is almost perfectly stable 60fps, so is famously badly optimized Mafia 3. The real test will be Metro Exodus, Kingdom Come and eventually Cyberpunk though.


Insanely happy. Everything runs great on ultra, from Assassin’s Creed to Forza Horizon to Elite and so on. Really happy with it.


Cool, thanks all. Had a PC scare yesterday which has me thinking about the build I want to do next year. The 3 series 7nm CPUs sound really promising, especially given Intel’s struggles to deliver 10nm.


I am super curious how is the new ryzen gonna be. I bet it will be amazing and make me regret getting 2700X :p


Don’t ever feel that way. There is always, always something on the horizon. I am sure there are a number of 1xxx owners who want to kick themselves for not waiting for 2xxxx. You could turn to dust waiting for the next thing in tech.


You’ll be able to drop in an upgrade to Zen 2. I went modest with a 2600, but since they’re maintaining motherboard compatibility for Zen 2 if there is a really delicious 16 core option I could totally see jumping on that.


No I know. It’s just that I waited whole 2018 for the 8 core intel, only for intel to pull asshole and price it twice as high as 2700X, so I got that instead. And if I didn’t wait, I could have gotten 2700X back in april and already enjoyed it back then for the same price. And so I bought it late last year and now there is already news about the new one…

Yeah that is a big advantage, I hope they will keep the compatibility as long as possible.


What ended up being the performance delta? 2x money for 40% faster?