So anyone bought Op: Flashpoint Elite for the X-Box?

While its obviously bad timing what with people shelling out wads of cash on X-Box 360, I’m kinda curious how well the port went.

From reviews its sounds like it is pretty much a direct port but with some tightening of the size of maps and the vehicle controls being somewhat clumsy.

The reviews for it have widely varied with Gamespy and IGN marking it down heavily for being too hardcore, too ugly and not enough work going into using the capabilities of the X-Box system. In other words just buy a pc and play the original.

While I’m sure the devs at Bohemian Interactive meant well by trying to broaden their market, was their any real chance that this game was going to do well enough on the X-Box to warrant all the time spent on a port or appeal to those console gamers who never played the original on PC?

I own it and to be honest, I really like it but I’m a total flashpoint whore. Haven’t tried to online, only going through the campaign.

I will say this, the draw distance is pretty short which can be a problem when you can get picked off from a distance. Also, along that same line, I find the XBox controller not quite precise enough for that same long distance shot, especially at a running enemy soldier. Aside from that, I like the control overall though.

That being said, it’s an incredibly faithful port of the PC games. Graphics are improved but won’t blow you away, and it seems like some of the voice acting has been redone to be a touch better. I’ve only gotten to the mission in the original campaign where you get cut off and have to go solo to escape (love that mission), so I can’t comment on the streamlined squad controls. I also imagine vehicle control might be better as well.