So I Bought a Kindle Fire


Though some of the Fires have microSDHC slots. My mom got my son an 8.9" Fire for Christmas and it’s rocking a 64GB SD card, which make it way more useful for watching shows on trips.

Doesn’t matter for books, of course, which are tiny.


Thanks for the explanation guys - I was just sure that they used some of their kindle reading techonology in the Fire, so I thought maybe they were better than Ipads. Armando - thanks for the throrough explanation!


Sing in me, Thread, and through me tell the story…of my new Fire HD 10 Tablet.

For $150 it’s the bargain of the current generation of larger tablets. I sideloaded Google Play on it so I can escape the desert of the Amazon app store however. Anyone else snag one yet?


I’ve been using my HAD 8 since I got it on Prime Day and am very happy with it. However, I hate the speaker position. My hand covers one of the openings in portrait mode. They only make sense for movie viewing in landscape mode and even then I have found them to be pretty weak.


I guess this is a catch all thread of sorts… @abidingdude I did!

Bought two of the new Fire HD 10 (2017) tablets, they are great for casual use. One of which is a present for my 80+ year old mother, who I am sure will be thrilled. She hates having to check email on the PC. So much easier on a tablet. I was able to install the PLAY store and get Gmail working. Great deal for the $100 they are asking for right now.

Never in my life would I imagine such a device for so cheap. The speakers on it are fantastic, compared to the crappy solo speaker on my Nexus 5x (2015) phone, and my really old Nexus 7 (2013) tablet.