So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


And the part about this that really pisses me right the fuck off, is that these are the same people complaining about us liberal snowflakes in Madison. I am sorry I went to college, but my grandparents were dairy farmers too, my Dad worked on the farm until he went to college and got a degree. They pushed me really hard to get good grades and I went to college on an academic scholorship and worked 20 hrs/week in school and got a B.S. in biology.

And now you complain about the economy? What did you do to better your lives? Nothing. And you want some magical orange man to bail you out from your poor decision making? I know these people, I grew up with these people. We talk about them all of the time, the kids who drank and smoked pot during high school on daddy’s farm, and never left town after high school. Well, fuck you.

Why don’t you pull yourselves up by your own fucking bootstraps and stop fucking complaining about your financial situation. You aren’t a special snowflake that deserves America to be made great again, you have to make your situation great for yourself. So shut the fuck up about your problems and actually do something to make your life better.

I find it funny that my unhinged rant here certainly sounds a lot like what a certain group of people (who I am ranting at) have said to another group of people for a long time.

But, as it was hammered throughout that article. People don’t give a shit about his nonsense policies, if he doesn’t make the economy better for the middle class high school educated folks, they will turn on him.


Yeah, I was thinking this the other. Those liberal snowflakes? The metropolitan professionals? Those coastal elites? A large part of the time, they’re your kids.


Well, I think it is funny that they claim that the coastal and urban liberals are in some sort of bubble. Which is pretty funny, because I think that the opposite is true. These people from “real America” are living in exceedingly white lower class areas which do not look like a lot of the rest of America. It is they who are bubble bound.


Ya, this is why I asked the question…

I’ve heard other folks try to say that the WaPo is some kind of lunatic paper, but having read it myself that’s pretty obviously not the case. And thus far no one has ever been able to actually support their belief that it’s bad.

The WaPo has, in recent years, become probably the best in-print paper in circulation. In terms of investigative journalism, they’re seemingly the only professionals who still do it.

In the case of Trump, I know that he specificaly has demonized WaPo, specifically for this reason… because they dug up a MOUNTAIN of shit on him. And it’s all totally true. It’s meticulously sourced, with links to actual court documents, signed checks, etc. The stuff Farenthold did was nuts in this area. So Trump hates their guts, because he points out how fucked up he is… But that’s not because they’re bad.

I guess the right at large has similar feelings, with stuff like WaPo fact checking them… but again, this is because the GOP has kind of gotten away from reality.


CNN gets Kellyanne Conway to eat Trump’s words.

Full video:



I have some gripes with your gripes.

You read that wrong. It says “he’s successful, but he knows we haven’t been winning, and he wants us to win.”

Bad things happening to distant people make me uneasy, but are less important than my own problems.

I wish this guy didn’t make our country look so bad, but I know the other lady didn’t give a shit about my tighter belt.

I’m sick of politics being endless bickering about bathrooms, weddings, and how the cops treat criminals when I see people in here every week complaining about the lack of jobs and wondering if they will move elsewhere. I have roots in this town, I don’t want to move elsewhere. I want someone to tell me it’s going to be OK, that I can stay here in this place I love, and that we can go back to joking around about local sports, instead of griping about local plant closings.

Here’s a clear indication that a tribal outsider is getting benefits while my tribe members suffer. That’s real injustice!

I don’t have any idea why this business that used make me rich makes me less rich, but it’s got to be the government’s fault somehow.

Or, I’m dissatisfied with my life and it seems like those around me are too, so I took the candidate that said life was shitty and he wanted to make it better, rather than the one who said life is great and we’re making great progress. I did the same thing last time and it didn’t work quickly enough, but, well, I’m out of patience and change sounds like a solution.


Whoa, CNN are really nailing down the lies now. Good on them.


My mother is a Housekeeper who never has enough money to pay SEP.
My dad is trucker driver, whose bills keep building, the taxes on gas keep rising, and the regulations keep piling in.
A good chunk of my family are selective loggers.
Another chunk are in retail or odd jobs.

They all hate professionals. They think professionals are lazy and get more than their fair share.

Those of us who went to college, are professionals, and it wasn’t easy or breezy. I graduated right into a very large recession and lost a few years of what should have been good solid working years to it. They don’t think when they complain about the professionals and the big cities and the coast they are also complaining about the opportunities their kids have. Almost my entire generation on my dad’s side and my mom are first generation grads too.




Although a senator is apparently a better investment, given the uneven Leverage grants flyover countries.


This cannot be emphasized enough.


At least with his other cabinet picks that had major conflict of interest issues, they at least seemed like they were competent and could make the barest excuses that they got there for a legit reason. With Betsy DeVos it was like Trump was testing if there were any limits to what he could do. He didn’t even attempt to make people believe it wasn’t a straight auction for department of education. It is probably the greatest recent example of corruption in our political process in recent years.

If we’re going to put some random member of some ultra rich family in to a job she has zero qualifications for just because she has a lot of money, i’d rather we hire Paris Hilton for it.

Do we really have any room to criticize the election systems of other “democracies” anymore?


Honestly, Al Franken’s speech about it on the floor was perfect.

I used to loathe Al Franken before he got elected, but now I think he’s probably one of the best people in Congress.


Agreed, i found him whiny and obnoxious on air America, but he has become a competent senator.


I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.


Certainly the best use of a football metaphor I’ve seen in political speechmaking. He eviscerated DeVos and she deserved every word.


McConnel forbids Senator Warren from making a floor speech against Sessions.

Edit: Here is Coretta Scott King’s letter to congress that Warren read which so enraged McConnell


Apparently the trump administration is literally against puppies and kittens.


Of opinion, yes.

You can go nuts now.