So I just picked up Space Rangers 2

…and I’m not doing too well. Any tips?

I’ve made a Human Fighter, since they have mostly good relations with people, and that seemed to be a bigger factor than bankroll/starting crap. However, I’ve been zipping around for a good 2 years of game time and I can’t win a fight to save my life (which it would have, on several occasions). And I’m not talking about the enormous Dominator battleships…I have not yet managed to kill a single pirate ship. Some of them absolutely smoke me, some will just run away once I whittle them down, some will land on a planet and station tank, to borrow a phrase from EvE. I’ve gotten a couple of Dominator kills in fleet actions, but I just don’t feel like my ship is up to anything more than courier missions, and I hate courier missions.

Honestly, I can’t even see an improvement path. I’ve seen two or three items in each category of equipment and maybe the same number of hulls for each race. How the fuck am I supposed to build up my strength?

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I can’t really help you. I was pretty excited about this game too when I read about it in CGM a few years ago, but when I actually got the game, I couldn’t figure out how to stay alive even in the tutorial fight.

To be fair, the CGM review did warn everyone that it had a brutal difficulty curve, but it said something about there being plenty of help available from people online. But I tried to find some kind of forum for advice but was unable to find one. And the people here at Qt3 had already moved on from the game, so I just shrugged and classified the game as “not for me”, aka “games where I have no idea how to get started and can’t be bothered to find out”.

EDIT: However, I do remember there being some advice in a later issue of CGM, that came out after I’d already given up on the game. It said something about choosing a missile launcher or something like that, for your initial weapon, when making your first ship. I’m sure someone here will be able to expand on that.

Yeah, add this one to my list of games that most everyone loved, but I could not get into.

The List:
Sins of a Solar Empire
Armegeddon Empires
Civ 4
Dominions 3
Dwarf Fortress
Gal Civ 2
Company of Heroes
Gothic 2

(Shit, Chuck… what games do you like?)

Familiarise yourself with the in-game search function. You’ll need to use it extensively to trade & upgrade your stuff. Check for a list of useful search terms somewhere online. they’re sadly not in the manual (edit: you can search for anything, but “plan” for example will list the closest 30 planets. That’s what I meant by useful search terms).

Use all the drugs you can, all the time. Drugs can make you a better trader, a better fighter, a better leader, tougher to kill, earn you more money on missions and serve breakfast & blowjobs in bed. Drugs are goood, M’kay?

Restart the game, pick better skills & pick a rocket launcher (and I’d suggest an engine) as your starting gear. Early in the game rocket launchers kick ass, especially upgraded rocket launchers like the one you can start with.

Talk to the other ships. It’s pretty hard to piss everyone off in SR2 unless you’re really trying, so chances are there’s nifty trades to be made with trade vessels, backup to be had if you’re getting attacked, and willing cronies if you decide to rob someone.

Get a shield right away. Apart from you and the odd Dominator-hunting armada, nobody are dumb enough to attack people they can’t scan. It means that if there’s a negative difference between their scanner rating and your shield rating, they’ll leave you alone unless you attack first. If the difference is positive (from their point of view), they’ll take you if they think they can. And early on, they can.

Explore Black Holes. The gear you find in them is never crap and sometimes pure awesome. Auto-repair, energy weapon boosters, fuel-regenerators & massive improvements to your jump drive are typical examples.

Don’t use auto combat. The idea is nice & all, but in practice it’s shit. Aim your weapons and remember you can shoot down rockets & the like.

Get your gear & hull upgraded as soon as possible, even if it’s shit gear and a shit hull. Money are easier to come by with upgraded gear, and your expenses will be lower.

Pay attention to your faction standings. The more people like you, the more they’ll pay you & help you against enemies/pirates. The more some dislike you, the more others will like you.

Learn what services the different bases offer. It’s another of those seemingly insignificant things that’ll have a major impact on the course of your career.

Check the ranger highscore. Find one of the Top 10 Rangers with the in-game search. Add the info to your info-bar so you don’t forget it. Track him down & observe how he plays. One of the coolest things about SR2 is that all the NPCs in the game are playing the same game you are, so hanging out with a proficient NPC is a great way to get a clue. Imagine how cool TES games would be if they worked like that… I digress, sorry.

Ask specific questions, because SR2 is very much an endless bag of gameplay tips & tricks.

Not that this could have been posted in any of the SR theads ON THE FRONT PAGE or anything.

Check it.

Weapons are very important, but, in my mind, there’s nothing more vital than a fast engine. It helps you complete courier missions on time, and also helps you smoke pirates who are inveterate cowards.

This tip may not help you until you’re stronger, but what I like to do early on is draw the attention of a pirate by firing on him and then turning and running (hence the need for speed). Then lure him off the map; you can fly waaaaaaaaaay off the edge of your radar. Then turn around for the kill. You’ll have plenty of time to nail him before he can reach a planet.

No kidding.

No, actually, it couldn’t, since this is not ABOUT Reboot. I bought the basic game, and I thought I’d be courteous enough not to talk about incredibly basic shit in the thread for people who’ve been playing this for two years already.

Step 1 of being a threadcop: having some fucking clue what you’re talking about.

Everybody else, thanks. I think starting over with a missile launcher sounds like a good idea. It’ll also give me another shot at not losing my hetero life partner in the first fight I ever get into, which is what happened.

I’m impressed. How did you manage to get him killed without dying yourself?

I was referring in large part to QT3. The original thread had a ton of great info, though it’s spread out among seventeen pages. Inverarity also provided a great service by compiling it into a FAQ over at OO. The Google searches I did around the time of the review pointed to QT3 and OO so I figured people wouldn’t have much trouble finding the tips.

I don’t know if it’s been rebalanced since, but it was nigh on impossible to finish the tutorial mission if you didn’t pick a rocket launcher or fragment cannon as one of your pieces of starter equipment.

As an addendum to this, pay attention to the maintenance costs on gear when shopping. I had to start over one time because I went too high-end too early and was spending all my income on repairs and maintenance and couldn’t get ahead.

Well, I got a rocket launcher, which was great until it ran out of ammo, which no one sells apparently.

I honestly don’t know, but I appear to have done it again. Last time I think it was just a pirate, this time I went into a system full of Dominators, which was harrowing but fun as hell. The tip about targeting missiles saved my ass, and my industry laser helped out a lot.

Not separately, no. There’s somewhere on a station where you can bring up a screen of what you already have equipped and then there’ll be a button for reloading it, iirc. And I’m pretty sure you can reload just about anywhere.

Though it’s been a looooong time since I played.

Yep, it’s over by the little windows that open up to give you repair or sell options.

One thing I found useful to know - the game just doesn’t play nice.

If you piss off a pirate, he will continue to hunt you down and kill you. You can get yourself into a position where the only option is restarting fairly easily - when you realise that it’s a world that doesn’t care that you’re the player and are used to special treatment, you start making progress. You need to play a lot more conservatively.


Is it something of a roguelike in that way? I tried two starts last year, and in both games I felt like I hit a wall. It wasn’t immediately clear what I was doing wrong, but I would spend hours making very little progress. The fact that I was not very good at the rts-lite missions might have had something to do with that, of course.

Something handy to keep in mind:

Early in the game, follow (not join) anti-Dominator fleets into battle and scoop up the goodies left behind while they’re still fighting. If you’re careful, you can get some very nice stuff if your grabber is hefty enough and your conscience doesn’t bother you overly much ;-).

PS - don’t forget your afterburner to escape a tight spot

You can opt not to do them at all.

I missed this game when it first came out, but after playing though King’s Bounty and remembering the SR2 love, I’m really tempted to nab it. Still worthwhile?