So, I started replaying Fallout

First Aid

Hey Lunchie, didn’t we do the “name the useless skills” in that other idiotic thread of yours?

First Aid

Yeah, you kinda need this when you break a limb or go blind. That’s usually pretty important. Next.

That can actually happen to you in Fallout? Do you have to pick the Geriatric Saviour trait first?

You smack a Supermutant in the leg with your cane for 41 damage, but the sudden motion shatters your hip in the process. It’s a pity that health insurance went out of style with the rest of civilization.

Yeah, if someone gets a critical on a targeted body part it can break and you can only restore it with the First Aid/Doctor skill. Doctor restores the limb, I think, and first aid is what heals you back to full HP. You need it to use medkits properly.

Well, if you can do it with Doctor then you don’t really need First Aid, do you?

What bugged me about Fallout was that the available character upgrades seemed to far outstrip the amount of XP naturally present in the game. Seems like you have to do some serious desert-combat grinding to gain access to the high-level perks.

Seems like you have to do some serious desert-combat grinding to gain access to the high-level perks.

Man, I loved FO1. I got through it without grinding, though (other than playing it on a machine from 1990 that had a 2X CDROM not a typo I meant 2X, WHICH WAS A FUCKING GRIND FOR LOAD TIMES; but that will give you an indication of how much I loved it to suffer like that).

But I did do something that broke it. Can’t remember exactly how, but I think I became really good at stealing shit. I’d steal everything and sell it to merchants or something along those lines. I’d gimped other skills by becoming such a good thief, but it didn’t matter. I started doing drugs to boost the other skills, became an addict; but that didn’t matter either, because I could make so much money by stealing or just take any drugs I saw in other people’s pockets that I was a walking pharmacy anyway. I finished off the mutants and The Master with like drug-addled 11’s in all my combat-related stats.

It’s sad when something about the economics/purchasing model that lets you break an otherwise great game without really intending to.

You need first aid to heal yourself with med kits and shit.

Or, you could just use more med kits. It’s not like they’re in short supply.

Hey, Naked, by the way:

If I may make a suggestion - stop defending Fallout like it’s your sister’s honor, man.

You seem like a decent enough chap, you like games, and you’ve had the shit kicked out of you by Bill Dungsroman. That’s three things you have in common with most of the rest of us here.

If you’ll cool off and hang around for a while, you’ll find some of the most intelligent game discussion on the net, and some of the most interesting, precisely because it’s not some collective orgasmic expression of monolithic worship of certain games in the RPG canon. It’s a bunch of divergent opinions expressed by (on balance) pretty smart people who have been playing games for a long time.

There are guys here who love Fallout and guys who love X-Com. And some who don’t. Guys who like Thief and guys who don’t. Guys who like Deus Ex and guys who don’t. Hell, there are even guys who don’t like System Shock 2, because… well, I don’t know what’s wrong with them to cause that idiotic malady. And, (sit up cause this is critical) there are guys who will pretend to dislike Fallout even if they don’t just to get you to be comic relief for a day. Games like Fallout stand or fall on their own, pal. You don’t have to procelytize.

I like your passion, but I think you’ll feel better and fit in just fine if you relax a bit.

Anyway, sorry for the derail, Dave. I’m going to go install Fallout 2 and replay. Can’t remember why I didn’t finish that one.

If you’re trying to heal during combat, depending on how you do it, using additional medkits uses extra AP. And if you have managed to keep your attendants alive, it can be a little taxing to keep around enough stimpacks for everybody.

I’m not a “power-gamer”, but I certainly had points in First Aid (and Doctor) every time I’ve played FO1 or 2.

Everything in that post is true except for the part about Bill.

I suppose I could google this, but supposing one wanted to play FO1 today, what would be the easiest way to acquire a copy? Legitimately that is. I’m sure my originals are long long gone…


I know it’s been a traumatic experience but I’d have thought you would be past the denial stage by now Lunchie.

Also, if you look around, you should be able to find a Fallout 1/2 bundle for $9.99 in the budget games sections of places like Circuit City, CompUSA, Best Buy, Hastings, Walmart, etc. It’s one of those little cardboard multi-fold envelopes in the section with the 10,000 clipart, learn Spanish, and fishtank screensavers disks.

Also, if you just need the first one, there’s Amazon.

I run through the rat cave everytime. Takes like 20 seconds.

Now the Temple of Trials is a fucking tragedy.

that’s awesome. I don’t think you broke the game, you just pushed it on another level. I stayed away from drugs and stealing just like my mommy told me to. Instead, I read so many books on science and repair I could tech my way through any door or forcefield, install brains into robots and out-think SkyNet. In hindsight, how boring of me!

OMG- With a high enough barter skill in FO1 you could sell something to the same person for more than you bought it for. Both Fallouts had terrible, terrible economies. Also, stop being nice to Naked_Lunch. Before you know it’s we’ll have terrible little circle jerk threads about how games these days only cater to children with consoles and OMG I’m so smart because I like turnbased 2D games.
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N_L- Well, by the standards that you’d claim a skill in Oblivion was useless, everything but small arms and energy weapons(i.e. Unarmed is worthless without the power fist). As far as actually and completely useless(as in any skill points put into would be better spent elsewhere)?
First Aid

*Throwing is perhaps the least valuable skill in the history of video games.