So long, Sky Saxon

He sang “Pushin’ Too Hard” and “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” with his band The Seeds.

He was a minor figure in the history of rock, to be sure, but to Nuggets/garage punk fans he was a hero.

Yeah, it’s too bad how this was buried today in the Michael Jackson onslaught. That self-titled album is a total proto-punk classic.

Hopefully he and Arthur Lee are be jamming just about right now…

“You could make a pretty good anti-drug commercial with what’s left of Sky Saxon.” --Greil Marcus, 1982.

Fuck Groil Mucus! (Though he’s certainly right about that.)

Here are the boys on some long-forgotten sitcom:

Ah, this is better — he made the Times!

Didn’t know he was in that Ya Ho Wha thing.