So, OJ got arrested

You’re talking about a guy who would have just as easily divorced Nicole Simpson for far less than the amount of money he’s lost in Chewbacca defense attourneys and civil suits post-facto, not to mention avoiding the possibility that he would go to jail for life.

Of course he’s bat-shit insane!

He’s the poster child of the “God complex”.

This should have been a poll:

  1. Is OJ Guilty? (of this crime)
  2. Is OJ not Guilty? (of this crime)
  3. Does anyone really give a fuck about OJ being Guilty or not?
  4. SB!

The two robbery charges alone are worth up to 30 years each, actually. The other charges will get him one to six years each. So he could very easily spend the rest of his life in prison for this.

Did he regret it enough to return the stolen goods? I’m guessing not.

Don’t you guys realize that this is the omen we’ve all been waiting for – the one which fortells of the impending release of Duke Nukem Forever? Woohoo!

Dude… Jeff…
Man, since you post with your real name, you be wanne be… a bit more careful with what you say about O.J. hint hint

Yeah, me too! I’m not even sure why I clicked on this thread, but now that I did and read all the messages, I remember I’m bored of this whole thing. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz indeed! (that’s me sleeping and snoring, in case you didn’t know).

Seriously. OJ just called me to ask if I wanted to be on his hit squad to take out “some old *&^#ing dude that runs some *&$%%^ gaming mag”. Now, he might have meant someone else…but why chance it?

Out of curiosity, why do people feel the need lately to jump into threads and point out how much they don’t like the topic? I thought I was pretty clear in labeling this one what it is.

Um, if OJ or any of his friends are reading this, I’m not really Jeff Green! Ha ha! My real name is, uhh, Gary Whitta!

So leave Jeff alone—he’s really old and has a family and really bad eyes. Plus he never stole your sports memorabilia or slept with your wife. And he thought you were awesome in The Towering Inferno!

RichVR is just the mandatory wet blanket, here only to remind all of you how petty and boring you are. But I’m 99% sure that NWJ was just making fun of the original sleepy poster. So really, you’re just looking at one problem pointer outer in a thread full of solid Orenthaltalk, which is probably better than you could have hoped for.

I was still stuck at “He’s publishing a book called If I Did It? What is wrong with this guy?” when this came and kicked me in the face. What a story.

Assuming he even get’s convicted of all charges, what’re the chances he actually spends more than 3 years in jail?

Is he kidding? The police worked out great for him. They turned out to be racist evidence-planters, which meant he didn’t kill his wife and her waiter. The world is topsy-turvy: Qt3 members call the cops to get their XBox peripherals back despite striking out each time with them, and OJ gets them called on him (instead of vice versa), despite batting 1,000.

There’s a huge problem that I already anticipate.

How the hell is he going to get a fair trial, if this thing ends up in front of a jury?

There’s no way in hell that there’s anyone left in the US who doesn’t know about OJ’s previous run in with the law and its outcome.

Yeah that’ll be interesting to see if it gets that far.

I’m not so sure about that. The minimum age for serving on a jury is, what, eighteen? And it’s been nearly twelve years since that joyous autumn day when OJ was declared “Not Guilty”. Isn’t it entirely possible that there’s at least one teenager out there who missed the entire Simpson Saga by spending all his after-school TV time watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

Sadly, that seems to be possible.

No. I doubt that. With as much popular culture references that he gets, even on the Simpsons and Family Guy, its probably going to be impossible for him to get a ‘fair’ trial.

But maybe this is just whatever higher being’s idea of karma, and he’ll get thrown in Jail for it.

Audio yadda yadda.


No, it’s not, because EVERY FUCKING DAY I would come home from school looking for cartoons and EVERY FUCKING DAY the OJ trial would be on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE of the thirteen channels we got back then, except PBS and QVC.

So let me say on behalf of everyone who was still a pre-pubescent during People v. OJ Simpson, Take One: whatever you did now, the facts are irrelevant. People I don’t know die every day, but you denied me Batman for over a year, you villainous prick. I watched public television because of you, don’t ever give me the chance to wrongly convict you of a crime.

Pfft, he had to teach that bitch a lesson. Lesson taught.