So Science Friday/NPR listeners are Apple-heads?

Oh listening to these guys talk about “CES” for 25 minutes, which equates to 18 minutes of iPhone wet dreams, waxing poetic on Steve Job’s vision in breaking cell companies’ control over handset software content, while occasionally mentioning the rest of CES with a handwave and a smirk “Oh, those silly HD companies and their format wars! Aren’t humans greedy and silly?”, and then descending (if not running) back into the warm, comforting embrace of the Reality Distortion Field, is one of the funnier things i’ve heard on NPR in awhile.

What, NPR has Whitta on it now???

Was that McClusky and Pogue? I’m pretty sure Pogue was on spec. to talk about the iPhone.

Maybe it’s as simple as the iPhone is something cool that people want to talk about.

Last time I checked though Macworld is not the same as CES. :)

Well to be fair, i guess the byline was “consumer electronics”, and they noted CES, Macworld, and the Detriot Auto Show.

It was Pogue and McClusky. Pogue was doing most of the Ralphie’s BB Gun day dreaming, McClusky was more subdued. Anyway, just a humorous observation, it’s not a consumer technology programme.