So there Biff was at Grumm Mine

Teaching the militia. Rather, teaching the second batch of militia. The first batch had already been trained by Len, who whipped some villagers into raw green recruits. Len had moved on with the rest of the team to scout out the countryside and make their way to Cambria.

Anyway, Biff was suddenly put in the position to lead them, alone, in a nighttime defense against a few of Deidranna’s elite troops. He was trying, in his wimpiest and most whining voice, to get them to actually fight back. The enemy hadn’t been spotted at all yet, in fact, the battle had just started a few seconds ago.

Suddenly an enemy dressed in all black with black facepaint on stepped out of the trees behind him, and in full view of his students, knifed him from behind, right in the kidneys.

Biff got to watch the rest of the fight play out while prostrate, bleeding to death. In the end we had to pay his invoice to accounts receivables post mortem.

Go team!

True story. I love this game. The 1.13 patch with “Tons of Guns” is simply AWESOME.

I assume there is a game that goes with that very interesting description?

If you don’t know, you don’t need to know.

Well, at least the invoice was probably pretty cheap! I never had Biff die, as he was always so far from the action. He was so valuable in a bang/buck way for training and schlepping that I never risked him. Not that he was as good as Flo, or anything.

I always wondered though, if he just got his chance!, whether he’d pull through as some sort of surprise easter egg. I guess not.

Anyway, ElGuapo, tell me you’re planning on doing an Xcom style AAR for this!

A JA2 AAR would be a lot of fun. I’m already intrigued by the fact that you’re training militia in Grumm and you haven’t even taken Cambria yet. Cambria was always the second city I took. It’s close to Drassen so the two towns can trade mercs pretty easily, and clearing out that central SAM is key. (Clearing out SAM sites at night using only Shadow, a pair of UV googles and a throwing knives is some of the best fun to be had in that game).

I think I’m gonna finish up that game I started last month.

My designated sniper, One Shot (from the customized evaluation), just got an M24 a few days ago. She’s been tearing up with it on the attack. Len, Dimitri and Hitman flanking her, preventing suprises, and her looking down the length of streets, popping headshots at 400m. Wicked! I might upgrade, Bobby Ray’s has some really sweet sniper rifes in stock. Reloading the bolt action between shots slows her down a lot.

I was going to get rid of Biff anyway because Bull hated him. And since Bull is my designated mule (and not bad in a fight to boot) . . . I guess that problem solved itself.

I never did use Bull, and had entirely forgotten about the personality conflicts. JA2 really was such an awesome game; I’m tempted to dig out my disks (again). Are you running it on XP? I vaguely recall having trouble with that before (or maybe that was Fantasy General?)

Make sure you get the 1.13 patch, which is all sorts of awesome. If you’re up to it, you can even tweak the configuration files to, say, get rid of the random rocket rifles carried by elite enemies.

I almost always take night ops and recruit Grunty and Wolf as my starters because there’s something satisfying about sneaking up on people, punching them, and stealing their rifles.

  • Alan

JA2 works great on XP, Vista, win 2k and so on. Never had any issues with it.

It doesn’t like dual monitor setups, which is about the only problem I’ve ever had with it.

That’s a rather exquisite problem. It’s realizing that your English Bulldog doesn’t care for filet mignon.

Thanks! Patch Scrolls, what would I do without you?

I almost always take night ops and recruit Grunty and Wolf as my starters because there’s something satisfying about sneaking up on people, punching them, and stealing their rifles.

I almost feel bad taking night ops, because the AI just can’t handle it. Almost.

[Edit] Ack! Patch Scrolls listed 1.13, but didn’t have it! Fortunately I can scrabble for it elsewhere… Do I just need the 1.13 patch?

Oh, so agreed - only I did that with my custom character. UV Goggles, throwing knives, and a silenced weapon for those rare occasions when you want to make a little noise. A very, very little noise. I ended up doing most of the missions with nothing but my spy, with the rest of the team hiding in the start point as backup, just in case.

JA2 went open source with that belated expansion pack a few years ago and 1.13 is the result. Bear Pit will have links and instructions if you just want to plug into the latest svn update.

Right. As an amateur gun nut (by that I mean, I wouldn’t actually buy tons of guns but love games/movies with tons of guns), JA2 is a dream. The 1.13 patch by far, BY FAR has more guns than any other game I’ve ever seen. As in, they have the Calico Pistol, Submachine gun, and long rifle carbine. Two different types of G3 (actually, 4 different types). The INSAS. The Sphinx 3000 handgun, which I had to look up in my Hangun Encyclopedia. Pretty much every gun on Modern Firearms .ru. Three different variant of the HK 416. It’s just INSANE. Awesomely insane. Hell, I’ve seen the G17, G19, and G18, and those are just handguns. The interface and inventory is also improved. The AI is better. Hell, it’s a different game with 1.13. Just set Bobby Ray’s inventory to “Excellent” and have a gungasm.