So there's this place

In Nashua where I just moved. It’s right next to the pizza parlor I’ve been going to since I got here.

I thought it was a chinese restaurant but I looked a little closer and it’s a chinese restaurant and coctail lounge. I was looking for a place for lunch and just had to check out this weird combination.

I go in and there’s this bar to the left of the host stand and it’s PACKED at 2:30 in the afternoon. I asked for a table and ordered lunch. The food was awful, salty rice, their version of “chicken fingers” was like fingers of sweet and sour chicken with no sauce. The salty ribs were ok though.

Anyway, is this combination of businesses common in the east? I remember in London, Canada when I drove through that the chinese restaurant had a full bar and a couple people getting drunk late at night when I when there.

I’ve never seen such a thing.

Oh yeah, I ordered a bloody mary with my meal and it was like three shots of vodka with a splash of tomato juice and lime. It tasted like jet fuel, like I’d ordered a tripple popov on the rocks.

No offense to those that live there, or are currently attending Western, but London is a bit of a dump.

There’s a popular chinese resturaunt here in town that converts basically into a night club each evening. They have DJs, a cover charge and live comedy some nights. The best part is the food is good and they’re open until 2pm so you can get takeout late. My favorite chinese resturaunt in town recently renovated to put in a lounge as well. I think mostly they were looking for new revenue from video poker and other state lottery games. They’ve been surviving on take out and their lunch buffet for a long time. Outside lunch hour there’s almost never anyone in the dining room.