Social media controls the world


It has become extremely common on FB to copy someone’s public photos and friends list, and create a new profile with the EXACT SAME NAME as the person, with the photos, and then send out friend invites to the friends list. Usually I see it happen to people who are 60+, and there are usually a handful of folks who friend the new account before the real person reports the impersonating account. It would be interesting to see the background stats on this behavior, and who is opening these accounts. I see it happen to someone I know about once per month.

PS: Advice for everyone on FB – make your friends list private, not public.


Yeah it happened to my Aunt like… 5 times.

But she also clicks on stupid shit like an old lady does, so…


They still respond to movements in the price.

Seems very likely to be setting up the friends for a scam.


…yes, but usually by doing things like buying back stock which increases their measure of control over the company. In my experience, most management teams are nearly entirely divorced from real input from or control by shareholders. If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t have runaway executive pay.



AP Breaking News: Facebook reports 50 million user accounts breached.

Change your passwords.


Just stop using facebook.


I have. But this is for the rest of you.


I use Facebook like passive sonar. I listen to old friends and family but I don’t post. Except maybe for birthday wishes.


Looking at the hack as described, there’s no need for that.

But yeah, stop using Facebook in general.


Ah, the benefits of a password manager. My Facebook password has absolutely nothing in common with any of my others.


Yeah, me too, and I don’t even do the birthday wishes. I never post anything.


Someone give me something the under 30 uses that keeps me in the loop. My friends and I could use something else but those kids… not really. They share public stuff here. Yes, they use other social media too but not for the stuff they want to share with say their 2nd cousin who doesn’t go out drinking with them.


That is what my under 30 (but getting close) kids use. That and Instagram.


At some point you just have to acknowledge that you’re not gonna be in the under 30 loop.


I am not in the loop. I am in the orbit with Facebook. I am not going to be the clueless sixty year old waving my cane at the kids on my yard trying to figure out what rap music is. I plan on putting more effort into it than that, at least for now. The kids don’t call, and they don’t text. They use Social Media.


As far as I know it’s Instagram and Snapchat for the youngsters. They have not jumped to Facebook. Is there something else?


I try to keep relatively current on what the social media landscape is, but it is increasingly difficult for me. I can’t have a cellphone on me at work and likewise can’t use my work machine to log into social media accounts, so I’m already at a disadvantage. Add to that my fairly innate distrust of sharing personal info combined with my overall dislike of most human beings, and I’m pretty much not a good fit for social media.

Still, I really tried hard to keep current in order to keep tabs on my two mostly-grown daughters – setting up accounts with Facebook, Instragram and Snapchat. They’re relatively useful for helping me see what my college-age daughter is up to with her various clubs and campus activities.

But, these are not particularly useful tools for seeing what my kids are REALLY up to. This was driven home to me a few months ago: My younger daughter commented that the older daughter had gotten too many parking tickets at school and her car had gotten “booted”. When I asked how she knew this, she replied that she saw it on Snapchat. I said, no, I’m pretty sure I would have seen that myself. She shrugged and said, “Oh, it must have been on her other account.”

Turns out that “the kids” tend to have two social media accounts, one with their true name on it that they use for innocuous crap like sharing pictures of food, and then another that isn’t associated with their public selves that they distribute only to their “trusted crew”. It is to the latter account that the various pictures of drunken shenanigans goes, and no parent will ever get access to it.


You aren’t the problem Nesrie. The problem is that the kids don’t want you, or me, or any old timers there. That’s why they keep jumping ship. Not to be cool or hip, but to stay one step ahead of us old people.

I believe it’s similar to hanging out at the playgrounds after dark. It’s not the location, its the lack of adult supervision.


Yeah, makes sense.

My daughter joined a sorority in college and people from the national office were constantly trying to friend her on FB (this was when FB was the platform to be on) so they could see what she was up to and scold her. She kept ignoring their requests, and then she dumped the sorority after her second year.