Social media controls the world


Reject all arguments which are based on the idea that there is a universal law of conservation of outrage. I can complain about this and about other things. Tricky, I know, but it can be done!


What’s the milestone before anyone can point out stupidity or complain about issues on social media? World hunger needs to be solved?


But you must recognize that you are in the top quintile of outrage capacity


I don’t think outrage needs to be capped, based on other things being worse. That’s ludicrous. But I also don’t think “Esquire writes about the problems of suburban white guys” merits any outrage at all. White men are their demographic, and that demographic is interested in their own experiences.

It’s like being angry that Sports Illustrated covers football.


Also, white people are still the majority of the population. You are allowed to write stories about them.


Sure. As a private entity Esquire can write whatever it wants. I think the point of this SocMed cycle is, once again, you have free speech, but not from consequences. If Esquire wants to spend pages on the lives of a couple of random white male teens, then it’s fair that random PoC on Twitter can weigh in.


What they usually do is spend pages on male celebrities. All but one of their 2018 issues were cover stories about male celebrities. It’s fair that random PoC on Twitter can weigh in, but I don’t recall any of that making it into the news cycle about Esquire wasting pages on fluff jobs.

And while there is no scarcity of outrage, there is a scarcity of time and attention. What is a better focus of the latter? Being mad about an article about young white males or maybe being mad that Esquire typically just wastes pages on celebrity profiles when it could be using its reach for something of more importance?

Also, while I have never been a young black male, I might be interested in reading an article about that experience. Likewise, I can also be interested in an article about being a young white male, something I’ve experienced. If we can have one, we should be ok with having the other.

I will say Esquire was pretty clumsy to run this piece during Black History Month, unless that was deliberate.



Fuck these algorithms. Human beings need to review these complaints.

I can get a video flagged instantly if I upload 5 seconds of Spongebob Squarepants but this shit thrives.


I hard about this yesterday. This is the first article to really explain though in a way I fully understood, and now I am grossed out.

Since we like to pendulum these sorts of things next up, some parent or family member targeted for an innocent video or share because at no point can we just employ thinking humans to deal with this stuff.

I agree. These companies need to eat some profit and hire groups to handle this stuff, and yeah, it will be an awful job that might even attract the group they’re combating, so figure that out too while they’re at it.


I heard somewhere that moderating or policing this kind of stuff is like the most soul crushing job you can get, and people can’t do it for more than a couple months without suffering depression or something similar.


I imagine it would be something like Citizen X describes, where they find out, I believe it was the FBI, that they have to rotate people off this sort of thing. You can’t do that for past x amount of time without serious mental and emotional stress. This would not be cheap. It would require training and then of course you can’t keep them on it… but they need to do it.


Google and Facebook are 2 of the most profitable companies in the world. Apple is doing it (on a smaller scale). Google can too.

Facebook won’t because they’re Evil and complicit, but they could if they wanted to.


Not quite at this level of filth but I did similar for over a year at my company. It was awful, draining, and made me a much more negative person. I feel bad for the person who was volunteered to take it over.


My college internship was with the IT department of the NYCDOJ. They got computers involved in criminal cases. They had software that would crack almost any HDD security. Part of the job (not for us interns, of course) was searching drives for kiddy porn. And yes, it was soul crushing. The detectives I worked with purely hated it.


My favorite part about the #youtubewakeup situation is that the users are completely fucking insane. Right now, people are openly criticizing people bringing this news to light, saying that this will hurt youtube, and ruin the site.

Basically, if the advertisers pull out, youtube is in trouble, so we shouldn’t make a big fuss.

Fucking bonkers. The shit going on in Matt Watson’s video on it is insane. Thousands of videos with gross comments, timestamps, and links to explicit sites.

Fuck Youtube. I get my game clips demonetized because there is an 8bit cover of “Billie Jean” playing, which was claimed by EMI, and yet there are ads for days on these horrible vids. Fucking gross.


Good. YouTube really needs to die so that something better can finally replace it.