Social media controls the world


Well, if it is the perfect canvas for practically any stew or braise, how can I say no to generously buttered noodles, sprinkled with just a quarter cup of parsley for color and freshness!


If you want to really understand it, you have to go to the source!




I get my news through Google’s aggregate feed. Why isn’t that in the list? I’m smelling some bullshit in those numbers. Where are the numbers for the adults who get their news via their local paper, either in print or online, or through TV news? I am really having a hard time thinking that 1 out of 5 adults gets their news through YouTube.


It is among social media service users, and the question is just whether they get news through each service. (No inference about other sources)


It’s probably fair to say I get most of my news from Facebook (or other social media), but when I do and it’s something major, I automatically go to actual news websites to see if the story is true. So I get news from Facebook/social media, but I don’t trust it until it’s verified.


WTF? Qt3 is not on the list?




I get most of my news here, with a bit of NPR and The Hill mostly. Turned off the Facebook news feed ages ago.


I unfollowed The Hill on Twitter. They spin their stories for maximum click bait.


Yea, I watch CNN and Fox and MSNBC and then come here to see what any of it really means. So everybody on here better know what they are talking about. :)

We have been watching the CBS Evening News lately and boy has it changed from back in the day. Basically 30 second stories run thru as if they were all on a timer. I guess today a little about something given quickly is more important than actually going in depth.



As long as I can still watch my UFO videos, YouTube, we’re good.

Please don’t shut down the fun conspiracies, like ghosts and bigfoots. What are kids going to watch to freak themselves out about when camping?


Does this affect Marble Hornets?


Where will I catch up on my Breatharian community updates?



There are a lot of shitty things we can (and should) go after, but I’m just not feeling the outrage behind “Esquire writes an article about their core demographic”.


White adolescents read Esquire? Really?


Yeah. Of all the shit going wrong in the world, this is like complaining about mismatched cutlery while the Titanic is sinking.