SOCOM Tactical Strike (PSP)

Have any of you game journaloids been fiddling with a copy of SOCOM Tactical Strike for the PSP? It sounds like it will be great fun. I’m just looking for some advance word :p

I’m pretty sure there’s a demo available for it on the psp website, if you want to get your hands dirty while you wait.

In case anyone was wondering, this game is most excellent. If you were a fan of Hidden and Dangerous or Deadly Dozen you’ll probably enjoy this. It’s gorgeous, the friendly and enemy AI is pretty smart, and it fits in yer pocketses :o

Is there a PC-game that is anything like this? Tactical, slow-paced, and me commanding the squad(s) but not controlling or taking on the role of individual members.

(I know there are various tactical shooters, but I don’t want to be the person actually aiming the gun. I want my focus to be on tactics, not on shooting.)

Yeah, Hidden and Dangerous and Deadly Dozen :p

I dunno if these are available anywhere - they’re pretty old, and I’ve not been a PC Gamer for 5 or 6 years so am well out of the scene - but they had the same deliberate pacing as Tactical Strike. Both were a bit clunky with the graphics and tech but if you’re a fan of the genre you’ll get over that.

Nice necro, unic. This is one of those games that means I have have no desire to ever have a PSP without a UMD drive.