Soft, cool sheets and comforters for reasonable prices?

We need a new set for the bed. I have difficult nerves so I need some that are very soft, and also don’t get hot. Any suggestions? Don’t know where to start as there is not just cotton, but polyester blend, and microfiber.


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I usually go for high thread count and non synthetic. Sateen sounds like a good idea but traps in heat like a motherfucker because it’s synthetic. (At least that’s what I was told when I complained about how hot I got in them) since then I tend to just go cotton high threadcount. Also nothing textured for me.

Higher threadcount != better I found out. I found 800 that was a helluva lot better than 1100 count. Price at least in this case was indicative of quality since the 800 was twice the price of the 1100.

So just feel it. The good stuff is closer to silk and feels cooler I found. Pure cotton, never tried the synthetic.

Ohhh I’m so glad to hear. See I’d been looking at those Sateen specifically so I’m glad you mentioned that. I’m prolly going to order off Amazon so that’s what is making this so hard to choose as I can’t feel them.

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I have only felt the sample in the store, but these bamboo fiber sheets were very soft

I’ve enjoyed a number of products from Costco myself. I also really like their return anything policy too.

I recently purchased sheets from LL Bean (a Sweethome/Wirecutter recommendation) and am happy with them. Don’t go by threadcount alone, as makers game those numbers all the time.

By that same token, we’re thinking of picking up Target’s Performance 400 series sheets:

Currently on sale for $35 for a Queen set, it’s substantially cheaper than the main tec’s from SweetHome, but are apparently still pretty awesome!

We purchased the following sheets and I have to say they are the most comfortable sheet I have ever slept on:

If cost and maintenance is no issue, try linen. It keeps you super cool but is a pain to care for.

Also, iron your sheets. Your delicate nerves will thank you.

Geewhiz - do they retain a lot of heat? I always figured microfiber sheets as one step below flannel. Super comfy but hot.

I think they feel very cool. I live in South Carolina and keep the house at 76 - 78 degrees in summer and I never feel hot on those sheets. I asked my wife and she agrees.YMMV.

As a master of fact she just told me to order some more! :)

They do not feel like like flannel, more silky, soft if that makes sense.

Thanks! QT3 is so amazing. I wasn’t sure I’d get one suggestion let alone so this many.

What led to this post. We’d been using the same sheet set for years. We’d strip the bed, wash the sheets/comforter, then make it back up same day. sheet on it tore straight down the middle like a giant zipper. Doh! Tried to read what material is was, but by then the tags had long become unreadable, shriveled little fortune cookies.

One thing that I’d recommend, is getting something with Outlast material.

It’s some phase-change molecule that was originally developed for NASA, to put into space suits. The simplest way to explain how it works, is that you have little molecular balls that are filled with a different substance which can melt/solidify. So, they absorb heat and melt the stuff, while also releasing heat as it solidifies. The end result is that you have a material that has a higher thermal mass than it otherwise would, resulting in a material with a very stable temperature.

They make it into T-Shirts and stuff, as well as blankets. I have one of these comforters:

(also, Jockey made T-shirts with this too, called Sta-cool or something, that were really awesome… I dunno if they still sell them though)

I just realized that this was from 2016? I have no idea why it showed up in my list of “new” topics.

Whatever, it’s still a cool comforter. Hell, I might have made the same recomendation last year.

Well it was a good bump for me we needed new sheets. If anyone else is looking that TheSweetHome site from above had 2 recommended sets. This one from JC Penny is $180 for King and they have a code 39FORYOU giveing 65% off. It ended up being $67.50 with tax. It doesn’t really feel like a Qt3 deal but I guess this is what happens when you get old.|7m8EnekPF5E|10|1&pTmplType=regular&siteID=7m8EnekPF5E-PH2Uh8cQEEpQJeovkrXHdg&utm_campaign=1&utm_content=10&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=7m8EnekPF5E

I found the Vera Wang 800 count sheets from Kohl’s to be pretty comfortable.


Timing of your response eery. Google analytics is tapping into our brains now? I literally talked to my sleep psychologist yesterday and she told me to buy linens just for the hospital, keep in an air-tight containers between stays to stop cross contamination. Half of the days I was in I got zero hours of sleep, the others just an hour or two. It was miserable and my brain still feels like it’s been shorted out.

I don’t know if this is typical for hospitals, but none of the sheets fit the beds. They’re all too small. Same for the blankets. So you have a mishmash of stuff on you. After a short time it’s feet sticking out and stuff sliding to the side touching the floor (gross). It is hard to relax when you think about the contaminants carried room to room on staff feet, then your sheets touching that, then you may pull them up and have that on your hands and face.

It is a weird situation. Can’t leave the room without gloves, mask, and gown for my safety and others who are immune comprised. But outside of surgery no one thinks about shoes, yet linens end up on the floor and back on beds all the time when they don’t fit or can’t be tucked in.

They don’t put some type of liner on their shoes?

twilight zone music

Regardless, that comforter and other stuff with outlast in it is great. I highly recommend it if you want blankets that keep you warm but not hot.