Solo: A Star Wars Story: Young Han Plays It Safe (2018)

I didn’t see a thread about the other Star Wars spinoff movie yet. I had heard that Hail Caesar’s Alden Ehrenreich was cast as the young Han Solo, but I hadn’t realized that it was going to be directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Those guys did some terrific work in movies which wind up being much much better than they have any right to be. They’ve taken on a children’s storybook, a '80s teen cop TV show, and plastic interlocking blocks, and wound up spinning gold onto the silver screen.

And today there was a press release announcing that Donald Glover was cast as a young Lando Calrissian. That guy from Community! Childish Gambino himself!

Suddenly I’m looking forward to this more than Gary Whitta’s Rogue One. They could even craft a goofy buddy comedy. I never thought I’d want to see something like that with this franchise, but with this assemblage of talent, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. At any rate, I’m expecting a lot of laughs between the explosions and sensitive character work.

Edit: updated title but keeping the reference to a Douglas Adams short story. Also, Miller and Lord are no longer with the project :’(

No River Phoenix, no sale.

That Donald Glover casting was a stroke of genius. I just forgot all about Spider-Man. He’s perfect for Lando. I can’t wait to see him play a charming but serious character.

Didn’t Gary Whitta used to post here? Or am I misremembering?

Just search chogglepants.

Or, alternatively, don’t!

Or any Whittalinks!

This is the right answer.

Not me. I really have no desire to see a young Han Solo movie. Knowing the main characters live kinda removes some of the drama.

Indeed - especially since most american action movies tend to kill of their main characters unexpectedly!

Really? I know the main character will live and get a happy ending is about 99% of the adventure/action movies I see.

But what about that 1%…huh…what about that mister smarty pants? Tell that GRRM would you.

Sorry, but I just don’t see anything interesting in a Young Han Solo movie.

I see what you’re saying. I’ll definitely see Rogue One, even though I bet not all of the motley crew will make it to the end credits. How many will make it? Well, it doesn’t really matter, it will get slotted into the continuum of Dangerous Struggle Percentage Of Crew Deaths. Maybe everyone lives, maybe it’s a party wipe, but we know that the vital data gets put on a floppy disc for Leia to jam into Artoo.

(For now, the continuum is charted as Explorers-Guardians Of The Galaxy-Serenity- Seven Samurai-Aliens-Alien-Europa Report)

What I’m saying is yes, Han and Lando will make it to the end of their spinoff franchise product. But with Lord and Miller behind the camera and presumably the screenplay, Han n’ Lando will have a hilarious and action-packed jaunt on the way to the end credits. I didn’t worry about Bob Hope getting shot or Bing Crosby getting stabbed in a Road To movie, I was looking for some laughs mixed in with some spectacle and excitement. That’s what I’m hoping to see here now, not just a collection of scenes where Han shakes hands with Lando, Chewie, the Falcon, Lobot, and maybe Grand Moff Tarkin too.

damn…you are older than me. In fact you are way older than me…I mean way way older than me. And if the film gets good reviews and fans like it I no doubt will pay to see it.

I am just looking forward to Rogue One more.

Personally I’m waiting to see who plays the young Greedo!

Fingers crossed for Allison Brie!

And Danny Pudi as Lobot.

Chevy Chase as Han’s dad? Granddad? Great-granddad?

Or a younger Jabba?

That needs to be Chang. The kids’ll love it. It’s like that Hangover trilogy!