Some Audio Help

Edit - Sorry, just realised I posted in the wrong forum.

I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3 Slim. I use both of these for watching DVD’s, BD’s and Netflix Instant Watch. I have them both running through an Onkyo SR 308 receiver to a left adn right speaker. No surround setup. This has worked just fine for me until recently. I noticed the other day while playing the new MOH game on my PS3 that I wasnt getting the center channel sound. And then today I found that with dvds and bds Im suddenly having the same problem. I can hear the music and all the other background noises but not the characters speaking. Same thing on both systems. Netflix and television work just fine but when i try to watch a disc or play a game no center channel sound.

Anyone have any ideas? Could my reciever have gone bad on me?

What is your audio output set to?

I’m just curious if the systems are configured to output surround audio, rather than stereo.


It sounds like you do not have the “listening mode” set to Stereo. The remote should have a “Stereo” button above the number buttons.

Damned if I know? I can’t figure out where the reciever displays that info. My old Kenwood gave me a list of choices to select. Im not finding any output info on this one.

Dosent seem to do anything. Wonder if this damn thing is dying. the display lights are jumping around on there own and it now keeps turning itself off.

Stupid electronics!

Right, but I wasn’t referring to the receiver settings; rather, the audio output settings on the consoles themselves.

Here’s where you’ll find 'em on the 360.

And the PS3.

Omniscia must be right. Did you have a power outage or anything like that that might have reset your two consoles?

Yes as a matter of fact we did just have a big windsorm blow through and I lost power for a few hours. Didnt think of that.

As for my audio output, its HDMI. Thanks for the links. Gonna go check them out.