Some board (bored) statistics

Some statistics about the forum. Anyone could calculate these in about 2 minutes but why would you want to?

First, total number of threads per sub-forum.

No real surprises here as it is a game forum first (sorry EE).
The #1 sub-forum, games, has more threads than #2 and #3 combined. The 2 sub-forums with the least threads, movies, and books tv, have less threads combined than the next least threaded sub-forum, hardware. I wonder why movies and books tv aren’t combined into a single sub-forum?

Next we have average number of posts per thread.

Game threads are the longest in terms of average number of posts. No doubt because of the Dominions thread. The global average is 31 posts per thread. Games averages 38 posts. All the rest are right around the average. The only exception is hardware with only 13 posts per thread. Maybe hardware discussions get right to the point.

Finally, let us look at growth rate by examining the percent of total threads per sub-forum that was contributed in the last year.

Overall the total thread count grew by 20% in the last year. This would represent static or no growth if the board was founded in the summer of 2003. The first thread is actually from summer 02. So there is some minor growth and certainly no shrinkage! Interestingly, hardware is the fastest growing sub-forum and games is the slowest.

That’s all.

Koontz returns!

Nah, it’s probably because so many lamers post usually-short “rate this new PC I’m building” threads. And I guess a lot of other topics in there get diminished readership because of limited appeal, or limited reader knowledge, heh.

You’d think the “recommend me some DS games” threads would have a similar effect in Games, but I guess that’s balanced out by the 100+ page eternal threads.

You know, those things are completely impenetrable if you don’t start with them. I picked up Titan Quest maybe six months to a year after everybody else, and I didn’t even bother trying. I might have read a page or two at the end before I started my own discussion in the thread.