Something silly. I don’t trust the “continue” button in games LOL

I always manually load a game upon booting it up instead of just hitting “continue” cause I’m afraid it’ll grab the wrong file.

You do anything dorky in your general gaming?

Huh. Obviously another victim of “anti-continue” conspiracy and propaganda from Facebook

Yes. :)

At least at first, until I know how the game works. Because some games seem to either load the last autosave, or the last checkpoint, even if you have a later manual save point.

They can’t be trusted!

Yep the game has to prove to me it’s not going to do any of the silliness Profanicus mentioned.

Might be bit of a gaming idiosyncrasy, but even after the game has shown it can be trusted I still usually load my last manual save, it’s just not that much harder to do and I know it’s where I left off 100% of the time.

Nope. I will happily tap the continue.

I both hit “Quick save” and do a manual save, before quitting a game - you just never know, and you can’t trust saves!

Oh, and sometimes I quick save again, just in case!

My biggest pet peeve in games is when I want to quit, and I have to click ‘save’, and then pick my save slot and confirm I want to overwrite it, then I have to hit quit, and confirm that I really want to quit and understand I’ll lose my unsaved progress, then it takes me to the main menu where I have to hit quit again and confirm one more time that I really want to quit.

Just give me a “save and quit all the way out button” PLEASE!

I find Alt-F4 cuts out the silliness in a surprising number of games. (Though of course a manual save first may be required.)

Sometimes I feel anxiety about seeing endgame/level stats and I sort of look away and click through them. Even if I really enjoyed the game and did well!

Nope. I always hit continue. Sometimes I play 150-hour RPGs without making single manual save.

Often when I’m done playing I’ll save and then do something reckless before I quit – throw a few grenades into a crowd, sell all my shit to try something expensive, etc.

I don’t trust the continue button. I always want to load the last manual save, so I don’t accidentally load an autosave with a cursed world of my own creation.

I hit the F5 key ever few minutes and do random manual saves at least once an hour, and I never overwrite.

Safety first.

Hitting the Continue button depends on how I quit the game.

Manual save. I click Load Game.
Auto save/Quick save. I click Continue
Crash to desktop, I click Load Game

I find that usually, games with the ‘continue’ option, are games with automatic checkpoint saves and no option to manually quicksave, so well, it will always get the correct save (the only one there is).

Omg. This. Playstation is the worst about this. It’s not the damn nuclear codes, you guys. Stop letting your idiot nephew design your UX flows.

OTOH, the Playstation is designed to never actually close down your game. Most games you can pause, put the machine in rest mode, then resume exactly where you left off when you power it back up. The only time you close a game is when you start up another one, and then it’s just one confirmation.

Brother, I got small kids. Trusting in suspend mode to not boot my game out of memory: not a thing!

Ha! I do that too! Been doing that in Horizon Zero Dawn.

I guess you also also prefer [ + New Topic ] to [ ← Reply ]?


One thing I don’t much care for is when you bring up a game’s menu, save your game, choose “quit”, and it brings up a dialog warning you that progress will be lost if you haven’t saved your game. Listen, I literally just saved, did it not work somehow? Thanks for leaving me with a mild sense of unease.

Also, games with checkpoints where you can’t manually save which show similar dialogs when quitting - give me more information! Let me know where or how long ago the last checkpoint was, just in case I didn’t catch your saving icon flicker on and off in my peripheral vision. (To their credit I’ve noticed some games do this recently, like Guardians of the Galaxy - it should become standard.)

Yeah, I’m encountering that in my current campaign in Hegemony III. I manually save, and then when exiting it asks me if I want to quicksave because if I don’t I’ll lose my progress. And I run into this a fair amount in games.

I know nothing about coding a game, apparently though writing some logic that checks if you just saved is cold fusion level hard to do.