Sony adds web browser to PSP

Gotta be a bitch to type.

This is week old news, not?

It’s not hard to use at all. Of course it’s nowhere as easy to use as a browser on a PDA, but it works and the screen is better than any PDA for webbrowsing. Typing is done in a similar way to texting on a mobile, but with a browser history and a lot of common phrases readily avaliable without typing them out.
Pretty nifty, but not a killer app. is allready PSP-formatted and there’s at least one porn site ready (that I know of)…

Well they just finally released it here in the US though you have been able to get it from IGN and such for a few weeks now.

I won’t upgrade to 2.0 until I can play some of the homebrew I’ve been enjoying with it, but I have been wondering about the Web browser.

Has anyone tried browsing these forums with it? How’s the experience? I’m much more likely to use it for browsing a few key sites that I’ve bookmarked, which will help me avoid the awkward text entry. And a few phpBB forums like this are likely to be on that list of bookmarks.

I went ahead and upgraded to 2.0. I bought Namco Battle Collection before I found out that it required the 1.52 upgraded, so I figured what the hell. I wasn’t particularly happy with the snes emulator anyway.

It IS a bitch to type, and I don’t care for the way you have to hold down the square button to scroll around, but it’s functional. As far as these forums go, it basically works but you have to scroll around to get to the posts. The post portion does scale to fit the psp screen, though.

I cant give up the neogeo CD emu or the tg16 one (both fullspeed). I might have to buy another psp when GTA rolls out :/

the illegal, ripped, tenchi browser works ok btw.


Yoshihiro, of WAB, has released a PSP Version Changer:

What this program does, is trick games that require firmware version 1.52 to run on your 1.50 PSP.

The implications are huge. You won’t have to run the updates that are required by new UMD games, simply load this EBOOT, and it makes the system run the game anyways.

As an extra benefit, if you try to run the 1.52 updater on your 1.5 PSP using this EBOOT, it won’t update. Think of it as a sort of 1.5 firmware update protector. No more accidently flashing your firmware.

From the .nfo file:

Yoshihiro and WAB are proud to bring you The First Firmware Trickz for Gamez that need Firmware 1.52 to run on your PSP and Cant Run UPDATER 1.52. The System think it’s a PSP v1.52 even if its a v1.5.

Fucker couldn’t have done that yesterday.

Can’t you connect a USB keyboard for typing? I know it wouldn’t be so portable anymore, but I’m wondering.

The PSP only has a mini USB plug, I have yet to see a keyboard use that connector.

Someone got it working like that but its not a viable solution.

This thing is supposed to be available eventually; apparently the keyboard folds over and functions as a screen protector when not in use.

Doing it now. Works quite fine. You can use the analog stick or the arrows - if you use the arrows your pointer snaps to everything clickable. You can set it up to fit the important stuff inside the scree (smart view). Index is a bit wonky but navigating and reading is easy.
The forum wont let med login using the PSP, so this post was made back at the pc.

This thing is supposed to be available eventually; apparently the keyboard folds over and functions as a screen protector when not in use.[/quote]
You almost have to have the fingers of a child to use that. Quite interesting though.

I’m posting from mine now to see if there are any issues. Can’t really recommend it with this text-entry system.

Why not? I logged in just fine with my PSP.

Why not? I logged in just fine with my PSP.[/quote]

Maybe chet doesn’t like me?
How would I know? It just hung there eventually giving me some error.

I can log in fine via the illegal browser.

What I really want is to be able to stream movies from my PC to my PSP. Please? Pretty please?

They are working on it via homebrew.