Sony says they aren't doing cross-network play because please think of the children


Guess Nintendo’s ok with it though.


How things have changed in 5 years and how they are sure to change again. Enjoy the fleeting moment of being on the top Sony.


I think Cross-play is a good thing for gamers and developers.

Is also good for Auna, the ISP company I pay so I can play online games.

For gamers is good because more players mean (hopefully) short matchmaking times. It also open the possibility of maybe my cousin is playing Minecraft in the PS4, I buy the windows store version and play with him.

For developers is better (but can make things harder) because it means a obscure game can have a bigger public. So this multiplayer game can have a lot of players in PS4 despite selling poorly in the PS4, because theres a lot of PC gamers.

For Aunacable, my ISP, is good, because to play multiplayer games online, I pay then money, and they make sure that my TCP/IP packets get to the backbone of the internet, and the TCP/IP packets of the other players (in this peer2peer game architecture where the games are hosted in the consoles) meet my machine.

Is not a perfect thing.
For Nintendo, is a challenge, because they want a environment where is simply impossible for kids to get exposed to anything nasty.
For developers is a challenge because a more complex environment and problems that are hard to replicate, different schedules and requirements, trying to meet different opposite demands.

I don’t think theres much of a downside for the ones like Sony and Microsoft. They of course are the ones making complicated systems the developers would have to meet. But they already do that, probably,for other things, is basically their role.

Cross-play should be encouraged for small games, and games like Minecraft where you want the whole family to at least be able to play together. I don’t see it has neccesary in games like Battlefield, but seems to be a nice-to-have feature in games like “Car Footbal” and “Medieval Fighting Guys Game”.


The Rocket League devs pipe in.


Portable Rocket League, online or off, with multiple system crossplay is pretty amazing when I think about it.


Looks like it’s the same situation with Ark. When asked about cross-play the dev said this:


Fortnite from Epic apparently had PS4/Xbox One cross-play over the weekend.


Oops. Sorry we accidentally enabled a great feature for this sort of game! Our bad!


I’m not sure what people expect…why on earth would you want to allow your competitor, that has a smaller market share, to have direct access to all of your customers? That’s sort of braindead business move 101. The idea that it’s going to spur enough “good will” to offset the downsides seems a bit silly.

Consumers are much more likely to buy a platform that their friends are playing on, if you take away that motivation, you take away one of your strong points, and that’s market share. /shrug. The snowball effect for platforms is incredibly important, especially as it relates to multiplayer.


Hah, slick move. “Accidentally” turning it on for a bit.


You cynical cynic, you. :)


So instead they just look like assholes arbitrarily blocking competitive play between platforms. Which probably makes total sense to all the executives.


Yeah, at this point, the cross-network multiplayer thing has long since ceased to look like a good business decision on Sony’s part. When every news story that comes out about cross-network play is “check out this awesome thing Microsoft and Nintendo are doing for customers while Sony clings to a crappy excuse to not do it” or “check out this sweet new stuff Minecraft players get on every platform except PlayStation, which might get it a few months later if Sony lets it happen,” the narrative shifts far away from anything that could be construed as a positive for Sony.


The next thing Sony should do is allow paid mods.



Oh crap, Microsoft’s gonna buy Nintendo!


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