Soren Johnson interview at Rock Paper Shotgun

RPS has an interesting and pretty lengthy interview with our own Soren Johnson.

Talking Heads weren’t Punk, they were new wave.

New Wave is what marketing people called Punk to sell it to people who were scared.


He said “punk period” not punk. But along the same pedantic lines: The band is Television, not Televisions.

what kind of noob capitalizes market

Odd. I got it right in the intro, but didn’t in the quote. Bloody transcription.

I’m going to have to listen to Marquee Moon to clean myself.


And for what its worth, Talking Heads performed at CGBGCBGB.


This is pretty much how I wanted this discussion to go.

Yeah. I’m a little sad too.


It’s either this or PC GAMING IS DOMED.



I would slam dance with Soren Johnson. Wait, do people still do that?


They might, but they definitely don’t call it that.

So this Soren Johnson guy is some kind of Punk Wave musician? Why is he even talking about games? Also, wrong forum.

I was trying to say that, for a long time, it looked like PC gaming was going to get ghetto-ized as the home of just FPS and RTS games. This was especially sad as the PC is, by definition, the most open platform. This is starting to change - in particular, I felt this year was a real turning point - and we are going to see a real flowering of PC games over the next few year (using both new and forgotten mechanics). Is this our DIY/Punk/CBGB period? Well, I’ve never been afraid to overstretch a metaphor… :)

Having lived through the period, I don’t really agree – it may have started out as marketing, but soon acquired real distinction.

Just back away from this thread slowly. Don’t turn your back and whatever you do don’t show fear…

This is probably best taken to the music forum if anyone wants to take apart the punk/new-wave semantics.

Generally speaking, while I didn’t live through the period* and have just read a whole lot about it afterwards, but my take is that Punk ended up all the weaker with the art/realist split.


*Well, in an active way. I was a kid on the street, yeah. But it was Sesame Street.