Sortie en mer - A trip out to sea

How long can you stay alive?

3.44 for me. My hand hurts.

I just let him drown as a protest against stupid gameplay. Inspired concept, though.

So are you supposed to swipe fast? Slow? I died in 4 seconds or something, 3 times, then quit. Guess I don’t get it.

Edit: this is an advertisement for a life jacket company. Which is why you drown every time. Lame!

My mousewheel is very loud – I couldn’t stand more than 10 seconds of it!

I made it 2:06 minutes before my mouse drifted over to my second monitor without me noticing and I drowned. :(

Interesting concept.


At about 1:45 or so… you take off your shoes. I really just wanted to see if whats-his-face ever comes back for you.

Man this thing is great. Did you guys find the abandoned island? After building the shelter with the driftwood and retrieving the dead boar from the ridge, I tried climbing one of the trees. Damn, those coconuts are hard to open lol!!

I managed 8:13, my mouse must have a mega scroll wheel.

Later than taking ‘your’ shoes off, you pull off a fingernail! Ew. Seems kinda excessive for an advertisement.