Sound level way too low on my new speakers

Just moved, and finally opened and setup these CR3 speakers for use on the PC.

The speakers are turned to max volume, and plugged in through the Line Out port on the mobo. Currently, every volume and level slider I am aware of is maxed (sound settings, advanced settings, volume mixer, device properties from somewhere in the sound settings). They are configured wherever in windows as 2.1 speakers. The sound being produced is about as loud as “subdued conversation on the other side of the room”. Sitting at my PC I occasionally have trouble hearing what is coming out of them. I found the L/R test and both speakers are producing sound.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

Try the headphones port on your computer. Also be sure you aren’t using the TRS inputs.

Headphones port did not work - computer wouldn’t recognize the speakers existed.

I am not using TRS, I am using RCA unbalanced.

Is there a volume or gain control on the speakers themselves? Are there different inputs you could try, other than the RCA?

There is and it’s cranked up.

The only other input is TRS. I’ll grab a photo in a second.

Can you take a pic of where this is plugged in on your audio ports on the motherboard? It almost sounds like you are plugged into a surround channel rather than primary.

Certainly (I wouldn’t know which is which).

Note: It is possible that I never connected the front headphones port for the case, and that’s why it didn’t work then.

Maybe try a little USB audio dongle. My speakers use USB straight-up, it’s much better as it’s a digital signal and thus much less interference from the computer.

is the windows sound test option at a low level?

is it all apps/players that are low?

Each app has its own vol levels. I had problems with youtube/chrome being low volume and it was combination of due to chrome being turned down and YouTube media being lower levels than media players like iTunes and musicbee

Everything is max. I mean everything. Sound level is constant across all apps, or rather the maximum volume is.

Shove some headphones or other speakers in line out and check its not your port?

Google indicates maybe a few things. Faulty chip inside or issue with that Powered Speaker Position Select LR switch, some people had to wiggle it about. Try 75% max vol too, theres something about a cut-out at max volumes.

I’m only at max volume on the speakers because it was too low before that (I tried many volumes), no cutout here.

“Wiggling” the LR switch has not helped unfortunately.

I do not know where my other headphones (that aren’t USB) are (in a box somewhere), I’ll look for them. Other speakers haven’t arrived yet, unfortunately. That said, They were working fine yesterday morning plugged into the same port. If I can find the headphones with the thingy and not the USB thing they might help point towards the new speakers being the culprit.

So strange, @peacedog! No real advice to offer, except that my partner got me these same speakers (in a different trim color) for Xmas, and they DO sound great when working properly. I hope you can get this figured out.

I have a pair of Adam A7 active nearfield monitors. Perfect for browsing, games or music. Sound is just {kisses fingers}. Current version is the A7X.

btw if i now realise to add that if both speakers are low volume your issue has to lie from the inputs backwards. So lead>line out port>motherboard>windows

I think i remember having problems with a plug/socket that wouldnt seat properly and it sounded really low, perhaps your pc socket is full of fluff and dust?

When it comes to AV stuff I’m basically a normie. But when you say “from the inputs backwards”
and then the bolded part I assume the speakers themselves, then the connector (lead), then the port in that order. This could be a windows issue but right now I don’t think it is. Going to try cleaning the port in a bit when I can find some compressed air. If I can find some.

I can say that everything is attached to it’s color. That includes the black & red wires that connect the speakers. I’ve never hooked up speakers like this before, so I’m sure it’s possible Is screwed that up somehow.

Btw, the package included this:

I have no idea what that guy is. Maybe @ArmandoPenblade knows. The documentation I received makes no mention of it. The hookup diagram shows the RCA connecting to a PC. And in a separate diagram there are two separate connectors going to some form of fancy audio device to the TRS ports. Maybe this is one of those, but it’s just one, I did not get a second (lol, not relevant I am sure).

Male to male aux cable. Has some uses, but you shouldn’t need to use it to get pc audio running.

Have you tried looking up new audio drivers for your mobo?

Had that same issue with my CR3 until it eventually crapped out completely.
Now I’m using a Bose set I am quite happy with.


I realised that suggestions around faults inside the speaker - wires, pins etc probably weren’t relevant if the volume issue was both speakers, so the fault must lie somewhere from pc to the speaker sockets. Unless you were really unlucky and bought a faulty batch