Sovereign Edition of Sunless Skies still MIA

Title Sovereign Edition of Sunless Skies still MIA
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When February 5, 2021

Sunless Skies is a great game. Some are saying it's literally the greatest game of 2019..

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Can’t say this gives me much confidence in the Switch port.

Those performance issues are likely about the Switch port.

Sucks that it’s delaying the PC version too, which I guess could brute force through it.

well that sucks…count me as one who is waiting for the update to play it for the first time…its a good thing digital content never goes bad like fruit does

Yeah I bought it July last year, decided to wait a month or two until the purported release of Sovereign…

Yeah I’ve been holding out for the Sovereign edition to start playing as well. Hopefully not too much longer.

Man. I got deep into Albion on a second playthrough last September and put it away to wait for the Sovereign Edition. Really wish they’d have just pushed the PC version out.

I’ve been waiting for the Switch version since Tom’s review. Sigh. Hope the optimization goes well.

There was post by the devs that the earliest possible release would be in march, which isn’t thaaat far away? So that’s cool
I’ll definitely wait for that relase for my first playthrough, it’s not like the backlog isn’t stuffed with too much stuff.

I am excited though, I did love Sunless Sea

I bought this at the end of 2019 and never played it. They’re dropping an enhanced edition any day now, why bother?


I was waiting for it !

(I bought the game past summer I believe…)

Yeah, I’ve been really hankering to jump in and start a new play of this out…but I’ve held off for almost a year on the promise of the new version coming out.

Can’t wait to jump back in.

It’s also on sale, if someone doesn’t have it yet.

I just picked this up and was about to start. Guess I should wait now? Thanks for the heads up.

I played enough of this to know I’d really like it, and then put it down so I could wait until the Sovereign Edition/Switch release were out. The wait lasted a bit longer than I had expected, but I’m looking forward to it!

Yay! I’ve been waiting for the Switch release. I didn’t play Sunless Sea until I got it on Switch and could putter around the Zee on my couch or in bed for short sessions.

Coincidentally, I had just resubscribed to Fallen London this week (after maybe a 10 year break) to check out the work of someone who started working on it semi-recently. The game popped up an alert my second day back that Skies had a release date.

I’ve been nervous about the Switch version ever since the initial delay since they said it was about performance issues. Would they realistically be able to fix them?

Now it’s the planned release date but in the eshop it’s still unavailable with an “estimated release date” still listed as today.

Hopefully it will still turn out to be awesome on the Switch, but I’m anxious.

Edit: I don’t have my Switch with me now but Deku Deals has it listed now, so I guess it is available. That’s good! Looking forward to trying it out tonight.

Twitterfolk are playing the Switch version as I type this, so definitely it’s out.